• Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent

    Safe place for your valuables.


Keep your valuables and important documents in a safe place.


Any information is subject to bank secrecy.


The bank is liable for your assets in line with applicable legislation and contract.

Up to CZK 10,000,000

Protect your valuables – up to CZK 10 million.

Why KB?

Eliminate risks

Safety deposit boxes represent ideal prevention of valuables being lost or stolen.

Sleep well

Your property is insured against theft, vandalism, and natural disaster.

Unique service

KB is one of the few companies to offer this service in the Czech Republic.

How to get this product?

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About Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent

  • Service intended for all KB clients, making it possible to deposit valuables in the amount of up to CZK 1 million or CZK 10 million 
  • Bank is liable for any deposited assets in compliance with applicable legal regulations and concluded contract
  • Users may use their deposit boxes on their own or authorize other persons
  • Information about users, authorized persons, or activities associated with the service is subject to bank secrecy
  • Safety deposit boxes may be used for valuables and documents
  • Safety deposit boxes cannot be used for:
    • Firearms or ammunition
    • Explosive, easily ignitable, flammable, or otherwise hazardous items
    • Perishable goods
    • Items that require specific climatic conditions or magnetic field
    • Items, if their deposit would violate generally applicable legal regulations or common interest
    • Investment securities in terms of the Capital Market Undertakings Act
    • The weight of the items stored in the box must not be higher than 15 kg, except for the box under which no other box is located, according to local conditions

You might also like to know

  • Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent by Komerční banka represent a unique service in the Czech Republic
  • Assets deposited in safety deposit boxes are insured against damage, destruction or loss as a result of:
    • Theft (burglary or robbery)
    • Vandalism (intentional damage or destruction)
    • Natural disasters (e.g. fire, explosion, lightning strike, plane crash, floods, deluge, landslides, windstorm, car accident, water-related damages)
  • The specifics of this service guarantee complete confidentiality and only the client knows what is stored in the safety deposit box. In relation to this, please note that it is completely up to the client to prove the contents of the safety deposit box if needed
  • Rent amount depends on the value of deposited items and size of your deposit box, with fees always paid in advance. Special price for KB clients


Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.