Mobilní banka - Android

On Android, you can now recommend your bank advisor. Are they nice to you, doing a good job, or have they been your financial partner for years? Recommend them to your family, acquaintances or friends. Recommendations can be sent by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Viber. Just click the ‚Recommend your bank advisor‘ button. You can find it in the Bank menu - My Home Branch menu.

All documents that could be signed only in the MojeBanka internet banking so far can now be signed at Mobilní banka and Mobilní banka Business - in just a few clicks.

You can see the details of your cards and their services already. You will now see other detailed information about the services, such as insurance limits or a phone number that you can call when an insured event occurs. In the card details, you will find information about all services you have for your card.

As of December 2019, you are able to arrange travel insurance directly on your mobile phone. You can choose between one-time or permanent insurance. EASY travel insurance is valid for a maximum of 60 days of holiday. But it's validity is permanent, you do not have to renew it, and it costs only 20 CZK / month. The insurance covers you as a holder but also children traveling with you.

Switch between funds as you like. It is easy. Just choose if you want to transfer the whole amount or just a part of it, a certain number of unit certificates or all of them.

We have prepared a new Mobilní banka icon for you. A red-black icon is here for you, suitable to be displayed in all Android versions without any problems. 

In the transaction and payment history for authorization, you'll see a variable symbol for each payment. We have added it for better clarity and based on client requirements.

From January 2020, you can download a confirmation of interests paid on the home loan. The confirmation concerns both mortgage and pre-mortgage loans. On this basis, you can deduct the interests from the tax base. You can download it in the "Documents" tab in the "Statements and receipts" section.