Free admission to the National Gallery in Prague for young people, financed by Komerční banka

Press release

Prague, 2 April 2015 – The National Gallery in Prague has opened its permanent exhibitions for children and young people up to 18 and university students up to 26. The long-term plan to allow the young generation free admission has been implemented in cooperation with Komerční banka, which will pay the admission fees for these visitors. Free admission applies to both Czech and foreign visitors who visit the National Gallery in Prague between April and December 2015.

“An objective that the National Gallery in Prague has pursued for a long time is making visual arts accessible for the public to the maximum possible extent as, for example, the world museums in London and Washington. We are now achieving this objective in cooperation with Komerční banka. We want the young generation to stay au courant in visual arts, and take them as a natural part of their cultural life,” said Jiří Fajt, General Director, National Gallery in Prague.

“I wish that with our help, the number of young people who visit the National Gallery in Prague this year is at least 20,000 higher than in 2014. We are delighted to be the partner of this important project and to help the young generation to extend their education through art. We support this social and global trend and would like to continue it in the future,” added Albert Le Dirac’h, KB Chairman and CEO.

Komerční banka has been a partner of institutions, projects and events of society-wide importance for many years. It focuses on culture, non-professional sport and education. Support for Czech culture is the main area of the bank’s sponsorship. Over 10 years, it has donated CZK 300,000,000 to this area. Komerční banka has been the general partner of the National Theatre, the most important Czech theatrical institution, for more than ten years. The bank has been supporting the French Film Festival for the same time. Since 2014, it has also been a partner of the National Gallery in Prague.

In 2014, more than 380,000 people visited the National Gallery in Prague, and additional thousands on Open Days and on the occasion of other one-time events. With its modern art displays, Veletržní palác enjoyed the highest visiting rate again last year, followed by the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, which displays mediaeval art. “We are confident that our displays will attract increasing numbers of visitors and not only young people, naturally,”concluded Jiří Fajt.