Komerční banka has one-page price lists for individuals and businesses

Press release

Prague, 27 May 2015 – Komerční banka has presented new A4 price lists for basic services. These one-page clear overviews of charges for the basic products and services are intended for individuals and also for small businesses. New basic price lists are available for clients on Komerční banka’s website.

Clients can now find a summary of Komerční banka’s most frequently used services, including whether or not they are free of charge, in new one-page price lists. Clients in the Individuals segment and in the Small Business segment can now easily see KB’s fee policy for current accounts, payment cards, cashless payments and SEPA payments. New basic price lists are available for clients on Komerční banka’s website at www.sazebnik-kb.cz.

“We wanted to provide clients with simple and very clear information about Komerční banka’s fee policy for the most frequently used services, both for individuals and for small businesses. Two new price lists in the A4 format supplement the main price lists containing complete listings of the broad range of the products and services offered by KB. We want to be an open and understandable bank,” said Mojmír Prokop, manager of Distribution Channels and Customer Intelligence.

In January 2015, Komerční banka overhauled its price lists; as part of this change KB cancelled seven fees, for example, the fee for currency conversion when withdrawing or depositing a foreign currency from or in a Czech crown-denominated account. This means that clients can, for example, withdraw euro amounts from their crown accounts comfortably and free of charge when they travel abroad.