KB offers an up to CZK 25,000 bonus for Profi loan financing

Press release

Prague, 18 March 2015 – In recent months, Komerční banka has significantly broadened its range of products for small businesses, whom it now also offers the opportunity to use a discount on Profi Loan drawdown. The bank will refund up to CZK 25,000 of interest payments to small businesses that take out a Profi Loan by the end of April 2015. Every client who meets two simple conditions of repaying credit as due and keeping a current account at Komerční banka, is entitled to this financial bonus.

Being a bank that has long held the largest share of business client financing in the Czech Republic, Komerční banka continuously expands and innovates its range of offering for all groups of clients. Businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, and the financing of their operating and investment requirements, are our priority at all times. We therefore continuously seek to develop our range on offer for both incumbent and start-up businesses and adjust it to their needs. We are now offering a discount on new Profi Loans to all our clients until the end of April,” said Patrice Begue, Executive Director for Marketing and Communication at KB.

Komerční banka’s current special offer applies to both juristic persons (i.e. corporate clients) and natural persons-business owners. Interest from every 12th instalment will be refunded in the month following the payment of the instalment. The Profi Loan is intended for financing current assets, operating requirements, and tangible fixed assets. The loans have a tenor of up to seven years. Supplementary payment protection insurance, with a CZK 2.5 million cover, can be taken out with the loan.

But refunding a part of interest on Profi loans is only one of the innovations introduced by Komerční banka. Since the end of 2014, businesses have had the opportunity to use a pre-approved CZK 30,000 limit on their credit cards, or the same amount of authorised overdraft on their business accounts. Any business can obtain both variants without having to prove income.

In February 2015, KB was the only bank in the Czech Republic to launch a new business credit card that carries, in addition to the already relatively standard benefits of credit cards, one brand new benefit, which is unique in the segment of business credit cards: refund of 1% of every payment (this benefit isguaranteedto 31. 12. 2015).The Business World business credit card is free of charge for all active clients; at least CZK 5,000 monthly payments using this card will suffice.

Another attractive innovation is the more favourable financing for professions. For members of certain professional chambers and associations KB offers loans under more advantageous conditions: higher limits without security and an attractive interest rate of 7%, and the bank also finances entities that are just starting their business. Members of the following professional chambers/associations can obtain up to one million for their business. The offer applies to members of the following chambers/associations:

  • Česká lékařská komora [The Czech Medical Chamber],
  • Česká lékárnická komora [The Czech Pharmaceutical Chamber],
  • Česká stomatologická komora [The Czech Dental Chamber],
  • Česká komora architektů [The Czech Architects Chamber],
  • Česká komora autorizovaných inženýrů a techniků činných ve výstavbě [The Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians in Construction],
  • Česká advokátní komora [The Czech Bar Association],
  • Komora auditorů České republiky [The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic],
  • Komora daňových poradců České republiky [The Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic],
  • Komora veterinárních lékařů České republiky [The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of the Czech Republic],
  • Notářská komora České republiky [The Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic].

A complete range of products for businesses, including services and advice related to EU subsidy drawdown, can be found at www.kb.cz.