Komerční banka extends its cooperation with Asociace soukromého zemědělství ČR

Press release

Prague, 9 April 2015 – Komerční banka and Asociace soukromého zemědělství ČR [Association of Private Farming, ASZ] follow up on their last year’s cooperation and have again signed a partnership agreement for 2015. The purpose of this cooperation is support for private farmers in areas that are important for them and their future.

“Private farmers have long been one of the most respected groups of our clients. We seek to develop our offering for them continuously and to simplify their access to the basic financial services, including the financing of land, machines and equipment, which is a highly current issue at present. We are also broadening our range for young and start-up farmers whom we provide with a free package of basic services and, since recently, up to CZK 600,000 unsecured loans for start-up farmers,” says Martin Ehrenberger, manager of Segment Management – Small Businesses.

The UN has declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils. The main purpose of this initiative is to raise the public’s and the competent authorities’ awareness of the importance of the sustainable management and protection of soil resources. For 2015, Komerční banka has become the main partner of Selské slavnosti [Farming Fêtes], the theme of which is farmland this year. The Farming Fêtes follow up on the successful scheme last year. “We held several such events at our members’ farms last year, which was the International Year of Family Farming. Last year, almost 20,000 visitors participated in four full-day fêtes,” explains ASZ Chairman, Josef Stehlík.

The ASZ members’ farms, located in various parts of the country, will open their gates to both experts and laymen this year. For families with children, full-day fringe programmes will be prepared, including the option of touring the farm and buying farm produce. In addition, each event will include a half-day seminar, and each of the seminars will focus on one specific soil-related topic. The seminars are organised as lectures and discussions with various experts in the subject matter, representatives of various organisations, and also the farmers and landowners themselves.

“We are aware of the importance of the personal ownership of land and access to investment financing for every farmer. We offer funds for soil acquisition, amounting up to 100% of the purchase price. We are aware that the right care for farmland is the basis for their successful future farming,” concludes Martin Ehrenberger.