With its new Erasmus package, KB will take care of students abroad

Press release

Prague, 23 September 2015 – Komerční banka has prepared the Erasmus package specifically for Czech students abroad; it has been designed to meet their needs and suggestions. The package contains all that students need when studying abroad, including travel insurance and SEPA payments. They have a choice between the Standard and Premium options and can also win financial bonuses.

Komerční banka has prepared a package of services for young people, which meets their financial needs when they are studying abroad under the Erasmus programme. The Erasmus Standard and Erasmus Premium packages include a euro account and a Czech crown account, an embossed payment card for each of the accounts, one withdrawal from an ATM abroad from the CZK and the EUR accounts per month free of charge, free travel insurance for up to 60 days from leaving the Czech Republic, free SEPA payments (depending on the package), and other services.

“We want young Czechs abroad to be able to fully focus on learning and their student life without worrying about scholarship payments, travel insurance, payment cards or payments of school fees and for lodging. The Erasmus package meets students’ most common needs as regards financial arrangements outside their home. We have designed the package on the basis of suggestions received directly from students,” said Radek Basár, Deputy Executive Director for Marketing and Communication at KB.

In addition, students can receive attractive financial bonuses from Komerční banka: CZK 200 for a valid ISIC card, and CZK 333 per year for actively using their CZK account. For young people of age, the Erasmus Premium package includes a credit card and if clients use this card to pay at least CZK 1,500 per month, they will have the Erasmus package completely free of charge. Online and mobile banking is a matter of course. Erasmus packages can be arranged at any of Komerční banka’s branches.