Komerční banka launches the third year of the ‘Start Up!’ programme for start ups

Press release

Prague, 13 May 2015 – Komerční banka and Asociace malých a středních podniků a živnostníků ČR [Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic] (AMSP) have launched the third year of their successful grant scheme for start ups, known as ‘Start Up!’. Until 11 September, applicants can register their interesting business plans, post their videos and, beginning this year, promote their products and services at www.nastartujtese.cz.

The best business plan selected by an expert jury will receive CZK 300,000 for launch. The general public can also have a say by voting for the best video. The author of the video scoring the largest number of fans’ votes will receive CZK 50,000 for his/her business. In addition to financial awards, the best projects will also receive a number of valuable prizes from the programme partners and enjoy media coverage.

Start Up! is not only about a financial award but also about inspiration, visibility, and interesting information from the business world. A new feature this year is the financial support that participants can receive from the website visitors themselves if they decide to offer and promote their products and services on the website. Thus, this is the first website in the Czech market to offer attractive start-up products and services on a one-stop basis. We want to facilitate the beginnings of their business as much as possible for start ups in addition to offering them advantageous products and advice. We have extended our offer of free Profi accounts to include a start-up limit of CZK 30,000 on a credit card or as authorised overdraft, which can help deal with unexpected operating expenses at the early stages of their business,” says Radek Basár, Deputy Executive Director for Marketing and Communication and Segment and Product Manager at Komerční banka.

Three years ago, we decided to roam the regions to meet and explain to young people that carrying on business should be the first choice for the most able of them rather than the last resort for those who have failed. We offered role models, mentoring, and peer review of business plans to them and we meet at dozens of events. Together with Komerční banka, we also launched the Start Up! project. The originality of the competition, the large financial award, and the subsequent media coverage of small businesses’ projects have made a real hit of Start Up! amongst young people with an entrepreneurial spirit,” Karel Havlíček, Chairman of Asociace malých a středních podniků a živnostníků ČR, comments on the cooperation.

Last year, the expert jury had 82 business plans for review and rating. The project entered by Czevitrum, s.r.o., a manufacturer of luxury interior accessories from purely Czech glass, was rated as the best.

Start Up! really got us started up. Thanks to our participation and then victory, we received all that is crucial for starting up. Feedback from experts, finances for easier beginnings, major partners, media visibility, and a healthy dose of self-confidence that what we were doing made sense and we should continue doing it,” Vlastimil Janecký of Czevitrum comments on his experience.