Komerční banka alive by the music fete again

Press release

Prague, 16 June 2015 – On 19 June 2015, Komerční banka’s head office will change into a concert hall as has become a tradition. Komerční banka, as the entire Société Générale Group, has been supporting high-quality art projects for a long time. It is also actively involved in the Music Fete (La Fête de la Musique) international event, which is held on the occasion of the summer solstice and enjoys popularity on the part of the public in more than 110 countries.

The history of the Music Fete dates back to 1982. It also holds a traditional position at Komerční banka, which will join these celebrations of music for the fourth time, and not only as an organiser but also, through its employees, as an active player in the music programme.

The Music Fete is en event to which we look forward every year. Through this festival we offer cultural enrichment to our clients and employees, and also to the general public whose members help to create an unforgettable and unusual experience right in Komerční banka’s rooms,” said Kateřina Šušáková, head of KB Communication.

In front of Komerční banka’s head office at Na Příkopě 33, Prague, all visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy the following performances on 19 June 2015:

  • 2pm - Haiya Tabla
    This formation, normally consisting of 15 members, plays Arabic drums, darbukas. It emerged two years ago following some two years of preparations. One of the performers is Hana Vršecká from KB’s Marketing, Communication.
  • 3pm - JG kvintet
    This jazz band, appearing on the Czech music scene since 2012, will play 1930s to 1950s music. Jan Gostík from Komerční banka’s Praha Business Division will play the Bb trumpet.
  • 4pm - Sběrné surovosti
    This five-member ensemble plays a broad repertoire ranging from rock to jazz to traditional blues. Lenka Kristková from Komerční banka’s Compliance is the singer.