Komerční banka makes IBM’s latest solution for online banking protection available free of charge

Press release

Prague, 16 April 2015 – Komerční banka has made available for its clients, free of charge, special IBM software that will boost protection for their computers and minimise the risk of abuse of online banking login details. Clients download IBM’s software for installation in their computers from the secure environment of MojeBanka online banking. More than 25 thousand Komerční banka clients have downloaded the security software so far.

Komerční banka has decided to help its clients enhance the security of the computers from which they operate online banking. It is clients’ computers that cyber attackers have been using to abuse online banking for a long time. By taking this unique step, Komerční banka wants to prevent the continuing and increasingly sophisticated attacks at online banking login codes and passwords, which are waged through financial malware.

Komerční banka also appeals to all clients to be extremely cautious when working with the computer from which they log into the online banking environment. KB recommends, in particular, to use only legal software, update their operating systems and other applications (including the internet browser and pdf document reader) on a regular basis and use antivirus protection. They should be extremely cautious when opening e-mail and text messages that look like sent from the client’s bank or other sources that appear trustworthy at the first sight.

We build long-term partnerships with clients, and that is why we have decided for this step, which is unprecedented in the Czech banking sector. We do not want to wait passively for anybody attacking our clients and trying to steal money from them. If clients follow the simple but very important principles of secure behaviour and also install the recommended tool, they will significantly mitigate the risk of attack at their computers and, in turn, risk to their finances,” said Albert Le Dirac’h, Komerční banka’s Chairman and CEO.

IBM’s security solution for the protection of clients’ computers works in Windows and Mac OS. Komerční banka’s clients can install it completely free of charge, and with no strings attached, from the secured environment of the MojeBanka online banking application. The procedure is simple, just log in and download the software safely.

As part of our long-term cooperation, IBM is implementing at Komerční banka one of the most modern security solutions on the market, which will provide significant assistance to clients in their protection against online fraud. This technology is also capable of responding to the latest forms of attack. Taking this step, Komerční banka also confirms its leadership in protection against proliferating attempts to obtain sensitive client data,” said Branislav Šebo, Country General Manager, IBM Česká republika.

“The secure operation of online and mobile banking is only one of a number of rules that we should follow on the internet. Caution is also advisable when e-shopping or communicating with people whom we do not know and whom we in fact would not trust if we met them in the street in person. A number of specific cases clearly prove that you can lose your lifelong savings in a second if you fail to follow the rules of safe behaviour,” warns Tomáš Strýček, Executive Director of AEC, which has specialised in data security for more than 20 years.

In the event of any questions or doubts, clients should visit the section dedicated to clients’ security on Komerční banka’s website at www.kb.cz/security, or call the customer line at 955 551 552 or approach their personal banker.