KB Jistota Foundation supports SOS Children's Villages

Press release

Prague, 19 January 2015 – Komerční banka's Jistota Foundation has delivered a gift of CZK 362,611 to SOS Children's Villages. This contribution will be used for repairing the roof of a house in which a single father is now living with his five children in the Karlovy Vary SOS children's village.

"SOS Children's Villages is one of the projects that KB's Jistota Foundation is supporting on a regular basis. We appreciate the persistent effort of the staff and partners of SOS Children's Villages to create family-like environments for children who have ended up outside their own families and frequently cannot be placed in adoptive or foster care," said Sylva Floríková, Chairwoman, KB Jistota Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Last year, the Jistota Foundation provided support to the villages to open a facility for children needing immediate help, SOS Sluníčko in Karlovy Vary; this facility accepts children who had to be removed from their families.

"The mother abandoned the family. To keep the father and children together, they were moved to the house before the necessary repair of the roof. The house is in urgent need of roof repair to prevent total damage to the house in winter,"explains Michal Urbánek, the organisation's specialist for corporate donors.

The association operates three SOS villages in Brno, Chvalčov and Karlovy Vary. The SOS village in Karlovy Vary was opened in 1970 and is therefore the oldest SOS children's village in the Czech Republic. This SOS village has 12 detached houses.

Komerční banka's Jistota Foundation is one of the top ten corporate foundations in the Czech Republic. Over the past 10 years it has distributed more than CZK 70 million to the needy. The Foundation publishes a detailed list of the gifts granted and a list of donors in its annual reports and on its website.