The new Business World Card will return 1% of every payment to the business bank account

Press release

Prague, 2 February 2015 – Komerční banka is the first in the Czech Republic to bring the following innovation for businesses: a credit card that helps to make attractive savings. Komerční banka will credit 1% of every payment made using the Business World Card, developed in cooperation with MasterCard, to the client’s account as a reward. In addition, new holders of this card can compete for a Peugeot 308 SW and other valuable prizes until the end of May.

“This new benefit for our business customers can bring sizeable cost savings. Businesses, both sole traders and companies, can save thousands to tens of thousands crowns on their purchases. And they do not have to do anything more than use our new Business World credit card for paying,”  says Patrice Begue, Executive Director for Marketing and Communication at KB.

In the range of credit cards offered to small businesses and companies on the Czech market, this benefit is unique. The Business World credit card also offers inexpensive financing if used rationally during the interest-free period, which is up to 45 days. The card is issued to all active clients free of charge and if their monthly transactions executed using the card exceed CZK 5,000 they do not pay anything for cardholding.

Thanks to the recently launched CZK 30,000 start-up credit limit, almost all businesses, including start-ups, can obtain the new card, and only on the basis of a check in the relevant registers and without the need to provide financial statements.

“We are enthusiastic that Komerční banka is launching the first MasterCard® World Business card in the Czech Republic. It is a product that brings tangible benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises in their everyday life. The rewards for card payments are relatively frequent on credit cards for ordinary consumers and Komerční banka is now bringing them on business cards. We have no doubts that this new product will be as successful in our country as it is in the other countries in which it was launched earlier,”  adds Miroslav Lukeš, CEO, MasterCard Česká republika.

Karel Havlíček, Chairman of the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, comments in addition: “What I like about this is that the small firm is not gaining any virtual discounts or benefits, for which it perhaps does not even care. Every penny counts and money in the bank account is understandable enough for all.”

“The benefit of recouping 1% of payments made at merchants is guaranteed until the end of 2015. Its extension will also depend on the European Parliament’s decision on the regulation of inter-bank fees related to business cards,” adds Patrice Begue.

Detailed parameters and advantages of the Business World cards can be found on Komerční banka’s website.

For new holders of Business World credit cards, Komerční banka has prepared a competition for valuable prizes. A Peugeot 308 SW is the main prize in this competition.