The third edition of the Start Up grant programme has its winners

Press release

Prague, 4 November 2015 – Komerční banka’s grant programme for young start-ups, “Start Up”, has its winners this year. Of the 53 business plans signed up, the expert jury selected Skinners, a project that offers a new, unique type of footwear. The shoes are a combination of antibacterial elastic knitted fabric and a two-layer sole with a high degree of protection against abrasion. The shoes are part of the Barefoot segment and feature broad-ranging use in sports and travel.

The third edition of the START UP grant programme has its winners. Of the 53 business plans signed up, the expert jury rated Skinners as the best project. It will receive a grant of CZK 300,000 from Komerční banka to carry out its business plan. The second place was taken by the DataFromSky project, focused on traffic analysis using aerial video recordings and on the prediction of traffic accidents, while Spindo, s.r.o., which helps small regional merchants with advertising and promotion, took the third place.

Through the START UP grant programme, Komerční banka and Asociace malých a středních podniků a živnostníků ČR [Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic] (AMSP) want to make it easier for young people to start up their own business. The project follows up on the two partners’ long cooperation in the My Way – Young Business project, the purpose of which is to support and inspire young people for business.

“We are really glad that we could compare our capabilities with interesting Czech projects. Our victory in the competition will help us raise the whole project to a higher level in terms of extending our production equipment, adding a new model series and expanding to foreign markets,” Petr Procházka said on behalf of the winning Skinners project.

The public’s award and a CZK 50,000 grant for the largest number of votes from members of the public, who rated the videos showing various projects at www.nastartujtese.czwent to Martin Karbusický’s project with its almost 3,500 votes. It is a project geared towards opportunities for financing the eye and dental care that is not covered by public health insurance and veterinary interventions for pet owners.

“We want to help start-up business people to carry out their ideas, and to become a strong and long-term partner for them. And we are successful in this thanks to the programme that we run together with AMSP. In addition, the Start Up project does not end upon the announcement of the winners. Start ups can continue to work with where they can find interesting information and bargain offers that will support them in their effort,” says Radek Basár, Deputy Executive Director for Marketing and Communication at Komerční banka.

We need to be aware that the first generation of post-revolutionary business people, who started from scratch and usually penniless, is now leaving. The enthusiasm of the 1990s will probably not recur, but if we fail to pay attention to the next generation, which will be ready to build their own firms, face and accept risks every day and play for their own business arena, it will backfire on us. Every healthy society needs a strong business sector and everyone who is big now was small in the past. The objective of the My Way project is to mobilise able individuals to carry on their own business. is one of the tools for facilitating their own way,” summarises Karel Havlíček, AMSP Chairman.

Start Up is Komerční banka’s and AMSP’s programme intended to support start-up businesses., people who want to run their own business will find a number of inspiring stories and videos, a start-up market where project participants offer their products and an interesting blog posting interviews with start-up business people. Registration on the portal also helps them receive bargain offers from the partners of the programme.