Optimo Guaranteed Fund locked in with performance at 20.56%

Press release

Prague, 27 March 2015 – At the end of its three-year life, the Optimo Guaranteed Fund, part of the Vital Invest insurance policy from Komerční pojišťovna, locked in with performance at 20.56%, which cannot be lower on the date of the fund’s maturity in 2018.

The successful Optimo Guaranteed Fund, which was offered by Komerční pojišťovna in cooperation with Komerční banka, can actually yield an even higher return. Thanks to the active management of the diversified mix of underlying assets (equities, commodities, bonds, real estate, etc.) the fund also locked in with attractive performance in preceding years: 5.03% at the end of the first and 11.77% at the end of the second year of the fund’s life.

“There was great demand for the Optimo Guaranteed Fund; clients invested more than CZK 500 million in this fund through their Vital policies. We are therefore delighted to be able to communicate this very good news to clients, and credit a very attractive return to them at this time of low interest rates,” said Lukáš Fridrich, Marketing and Communication Manager at Komerční pojišťovna. 

Vital Invest is a product that combines investment with life assurance. Clients themselves decide about the ratio of these two components. At present, Komerční pojišťovna offers, in cooperation with Komerční banka, four funds with different investment focuses and risks as part of the Vital Invest policies.