Make cash withdrawals with your debit card from MONETA Money Bank ATMs free of charge

As of 1 June 2022

You can now use more than 1,400 ATMs throughout the Czech Republic

Discover new ATMs at locations where they were previously unavailable

It will also soon be possible to make deposits at MONETA Money Bank ATMs

By combining our ATM networks, we save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of both banks

Benefits of ATM sharing

As of 1 June 2022, clients of KB and MONETA Money Bank can make cash withdrawals with their debit cards and display account balance at ATMs of both banks, free of charge. In the future, our clients should also be able to make deposits and use other services throughout the shared ATM network.

Through this initiative, we respond to the current European trend of ATM sharing. The objective is to eliminate duplicate ATMs – in case both KB and MONETA Money Bank have their ATMs close to each other at a certain location, we will remove one of them and reinstall it at a new location where no ATM was previously available.

By avoiding duplication of ATMs, we save energy and maintenance/service trips, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

As Komerční banka, we also decided to call upon other banks on the market to cooperate in the area of ATM sharing. Our partnership with MONETA Money Bank is a start; however, we hope that other banks will soon follow suit, as expressed in our open letter of 6 June 2022. Clients can also promote the initiative – simply reach out to your bank via the portal.

Frequently asked questions

You can newly make cash withdrawals from MONETA Money Bank ATMs as well - free of charge and without any limitations. There are no fees associated with cash withdrawals from the MONETA Money Bank ATM network for Komerční banka clients. This applies to ATM withdrawals with debit cards (incl. business debit cards).

With regard to KB credit cards, all cash withdrawals from MONETA Money Bank ATMs shall be governed by the same terms and conditions as those applicable to cash withdrawals from KB ATMs.

Initially – i.e. as of 1 June 2022 – you can only display your KB account balance (in addition to cash withdrawals). This service is also free for KB clients.

If you make cash withdrawal from a MONETA Money Bank ATM, it is the same as if you used the KB ATM network. Therefore, clients can still benefit from two cash withdrawals from third-party ATMs in the Czech Republic and selected European countries.

During the following year, we plan to offer our clients the possibility to make cash deposits through MONETA Money Bank ATMs – under the same terms and conditions as those applicable to our own ATM network.

At the same time, we will move duplicate ATMs (i.e. ATMs of both banks that are close to each other at a single location, such as shopping malls) to locations where no ATMs of either bank are currently available, thereby making our services even more accessible to clients in such areas.

Moreover, ATM sharing will allow us to reduce energy consumption and other costs required to operate separate ATM networks (e.g. ATM cash supply or cost of maintenance). This project will also contribute to lower carbon footprint of both banks. Consequently, we will be a step closer to doing business sustainably.

For now, KB clients cannot use Moneta ATMs to change their PIN, unlock KB Klíč activation or activate their payment cards via an activation button. Payment cards can only be activated by a cash withdrawal at Moneta ATMs.

The primary objective of the partnership is not to generate savings. The main goal is to increase comfort for our clients, while ensuring better accessibility to ATMs outside of city centres and more sustainable operation of our ATM network.

When talking about savings in this connection, we mainly refer to savings relating to sustainability and better environmental performance. With regard to duplicate ATMS (i.e. ATMs of both banks that are currently too close to each other at a single location), we will move one of them to a location where no ATMs were previously available. This will make ATM services more accessible not only to KB clients, but also to clients of all other banks (ATM withdrawals are charged to third-party clients).

Average annual costs of operating an ATM depend on a number of factors, such as an ATM type (cash withdrawals, deposits or recycling) and the level of rent at the given location. However, in general, these costs roughly amount to CZK 500,000 per year (incl. VAT).

The average annual electricity consumption is approximately 2,400 kWh. To give you an idea, this corresponds to average annual electricity consumption of a family home.

This high energy consumption is caused by the ATM operation technology; in addition to constant connection (power source, control computer, touchscreen, data connectivity and security components, lighting, etc.), electricity is also needed to run drives of ATM mechanicals during each transaction. Last but not least, ATMs also include integrated heating that ensures stable operating temperature and their full functionality during cold periods, particularly in case of ATMs installed outside.

Therefore, each duplicate ATM (i.e. in a location, where both Komerční banka and Moneta have their ATMs) that is removed will generate significant energy savings and contribute to lower carbon footprint, as the production of 2,400 kWh of electricity would result of nearly three tons of CO2 emissions.

The terms and conditions governing the use of ATMs (incl. any associated fees) will remain the same for clients of Komerční banka and MONETA Money Bank. Therefore, you can make cash withdrawals using your debit card from ATMs of both banks free of charge.

Any cash withdrawals made with a credit card may be subject to a fee foreseen by the relevant credit card agreement.

Yes, similar ATM network sharing partnerships exist in a number of European countries, for example in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland or France, where 3 large banks recently announced their plan to share their respective ATM networks, including Société Générale that is part of the same group as Komerční banka.

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