We monitor the development in society and respond to its needs. We have products based on solidarity, support start-ups, and continuously monitor the rapidly changing world around us.

Solidarity products

Through funding projects with a positive impact on people’s needs, the environment, or regions’ economic development we contribute to society’s sustainable development. In this respect, an important role is played by programmes based on cooperation with various European institutions.

The MicroFinance Loan is a loan with lower loan security requirements thanks t the guarantee extended by the European Investment Fund and is intended for businesses with less than ten employees. The guarantee is granted to those who are disadvantaged in the labour market (entered the market from a part-time employment, were unemployed, reintegrated the labour market after returning from maternity or parental leave, are disabled, originate from another country or belong to a national minority, are less than 30 years old or are 55+).

EuroEnergie Loan. It is a privileged loan intended for funding investments in energy saving measures in the private sector, offering a lower interest rate and lower requirements for security thanks to guarantees extended by the European Investment Bank. Clients have already invested approximately one billion crowns in saving measures under this programme. These investments will also help to reduce energy demand by 77 GWh per year.

EuroPremium Young Loan. It offers funding with lower interest rates for companies that facilitate the start of professional careers for young people aged 15 to 30.

Innovation and start-ups

Our objective is to provide innovative products and services continuously. One of the tools serving this end is our new Innovation Laboratory, InnoLab.

InnoLab is a development platform relying on cooperation with innovation agencies, external partners, client, the academia, start-ups, business accelerators and other groups. The innovation laboratory is helping us to decide which changes n processes or services make sense, on which we should focus first of all, what form of services potential clients would appreciate and whether they really meet their expectations.

The ideas are collected across the bank. We seek to involve the largest possible number of in-house staff through communities, and support creative thinking and innovation culture in the bank also in cooperation with HR. We offer an environment for workshops, new technology testing, IT consultations, we conduct brainstorming, user sprint tests and user recruitment for testing purposes. We also focus on process digitalisation and automation, technological innovations, artificial intelligence, all of this n cooperation with universities, start-ups and other parties.

Innovation laboratory space