We have been cooperating with the Prague Zoo for more than 15 years, providing support to various environmental protection projects.
About our partner

The Prague Zoo was founded in 1931. With 12 unique pavilions and more than 150 expositions, it is a home to 4,600 animals of 680 species. The Prague Zoo is one of the top facilities of its kind, ranking at the top of the best zoos in the world each year.

We currently support

The “Save the Tasmanian Devil Program”: this initiative aimed at saving the Tasmanian devil helps protecting the aforementioned endangered species within its natural environment.

Prior support

The Wandering Bus was one of the most interesting projects. The objective was to take children living near the Dja Reserve in Cameroon to sanctuaries, where they can not only observe gorillas, but they can also take part in various educational activities.

The protection of the Egyptian vulture in the Balkans, ensured by the Green Balkans organisation in Bulgaria, was another significant project. Funds provided by the Prague Zoo were previously used to build three aviaries for vultures as well as a feeding site. As of August 2017, conservationists that ensure protection of the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria also have an off-road vehicle at their disposal, thanks to the partnership of the Prague Zoo and Komerční banka.

With regard to other conservation projects, we supported the return of the Przewalski's horse to the nature. Przewalski's horse (Equus przewalskii) is the very last surviving wild horse species. The world learned of its existence only in 1881; however, less than a hundred years later, at the turn of the 1970s, it had already been driven to extinction in the wild, surviving only in zoos. The Prague Zoo has significantly contributed to the preservation of the Przewalski's horse. Thanks to the conservation project, there are now over 500 horses living in the wild in Mongolia, of which 194 within a strictly protected area of Gobi B.