Please notice

Personal certificates in a file are no longer issued and as of 17 April 2019, neither will it be possible to prolong the old ones. As long as your certificate is valid, you can arrange new online login method that suits you best. Please refer to KB Klíč tab or the Security

From the existing login methods, the personal certificate on a smart card and the company certificate in a file for downloading the accounting data will be kept.​

The file certificate is accompanied by authorization SMS messages

Smartcard reader with keyboard for the highest level of security

A single personal certificate enables you to access all KB direct banking services

About Certificates

  • The personal certificate is a file which may be stored on a portable media (floppy disk, USB flash disk or CD) or on a smart card. If you use the smart card, you have to install a reader.

  • The Personal certificate is similar to an identity card. Clients prove their identity with the certificate when communicating electronically. Every KB client who wants to access his/her accounts via the Internet will receive his/her own personal certificate for this purpose.

  • Personal certificates in files are valid for 2 years, while certificates on smart cards are valid for 2 years. You can extend the validity electronically within 90 days before the expiry date.

  • The company's certificate in the file is used to secure communications during automatic download of account data and payment card acceptance statements using the Direct Channel, and to secure communications between your online store and MojePlatba.

Useful information

Before you can set up the MojeBanka and Profibanka services, it is necessary to create your personal certificate.
The personal certificate secures communication between you and the bank. You will use it to log in and sign individual transactions.

How to receive personal certificate?

  • Visit the branch of Komerční banka which operates your accounts and conclude the appropriate contract there. Subsequently, at home you can download your functional personal certificate from the Certification wizard.
  • If you want to use a personal certificate stored on a smart card, come to your branch of Komerční banka operating your accounts. Conclude the appropriate contract and you will receive functional personal certificate on a smart card on the spot.

A single personal certificate enables you to access all KB direct banking services. Therefore, if you use both MojeBanka and Profibanka, you will use only one certificate when communicating with the bank.

You can also use your personal certificate for communication with other partners.

Get familiar with KB CA certification policy.

Name of CA Algorithm Certificate fingerprint
ROOT CA KB SHA-1 5B:7C:2B:F3:21:50:36:B0:95:CB:18:66:09:48:0B:DC:BA:8D:FF:29
DCS CA KB SHA-1 91:42:75:2B:B5:A7:6B:66:BC:30:28:B5:55:CE:8A:DE:0B:6C:47:8E

Collection of a certificate

Before you first launch the Certification Wizard, please check your computer's settings according to the suggestions to be found here. Please also read the security advice.

If you have already visited your KB branch and concluded the appropriate contract, you can collect your certificate in the Certification Wizard.

Launch the Certification Wizard, choose your type of certificate and click on I want to get certificate. In newly opened window, enter your client identification number which can be found in the contract. Also enter your one-off password for collection of the certificate which you received via SMS.

After finishing all the necessary steps, you can immediately start using the KB direct banking services MojeBanka, Profibanka and Direct Channel.


Renewal of a certificate

Personal and company certificates are valid for 2 years.

You can renew the validity of the certificate electronically 90 days before the expiry date.

Launch the Certification Wizard, choose your type of certificate and click on I want to extend certificate validity. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

You will be informed of imminent expiry by a pop-up window every time you login to MojeBanka, Profibanka and Direct Channel services within the period of 30 days before the expiry date.

If you do not renew the certificate's validity before the expiry date, it will be necessary to visit your KB branch in person and to create a new certificate.

If you have an urgent request, please call our hotline on 955 551 556.

Why to use certificates on smart cards?

Personal certificate stored on a smart card is a perfect choice for those clients who demand higher security of certificate storage. The main benefit of smart card usage is the fact that it is not possible to copy or steal the certificate from the smart card. Therefore unless the smart card is physically lost the abuse of certificate is practically impossible. At the same time working with certificate on a smart card is much easier and quicker since you enter only 4 digit PIN while signing the transactions.

How to obtain a certificate on the MůjKlíč smart card?

You can get this smart card on your home branch (where your account is opened with).

List of supported smart card readers

KB guarantees a full functionality of services MojeBanka, Profibanka and Direct channel with an access to the personal certificate via MůjKlíč smart cards.

Type of smart card reader Host interface Chip card reader producer
GemPC Twin USB Gemplus
GemPC Card PCMCIA Gemplus
Gemalto ID Bridge CT710 USB Gemplus
CardMan4040 PCMCIA OmniKey
CardMan3621 (Pin-Pad) USB OmniKey
Cardman3821 (Pin-Pad) USB OmniKey


The smart card reader installation

Download the smart card reader installation here.

User's guide to smart card reader installation


Smart card reader – Directions for use

Smart cards in the Google Chrome and Firefox browser

To run smart cards properly under the Google Chrome or Firefox browser please install the browser extension.

Please click the link to the Extension installation page and follow the instructions. 

From the offered types of readers, select the one you want to install on your computer. Click on the ”Download“ button to start installation.

Gemalto ID Bridge CT710

Operating system: Windows



Gemplus GemPCTwin

Operating system: Windows



Omnikey Cardman 3821

Operating system: Windows



Omnikey Cardman 3621

Operating system: Windows



IDBridge CT510
(Express Card 54)

Operating system: Windows



Omnikey CardMan 4040

Operating system: Windows



Instalace CryptoPlus - bez instalace čtečky čipových karet

Operating system: Windows



Instalace CryptoPlus KB – podepisovací modul pro internetový prohlížeč

Operating system: Windows



To work properly in Google Chrome, you need to install browser extensions.Install the extensions using the Chrome Webstore.

Information about products and fast assistance are available also via the e-mail addresses and


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