• Individual Asset Management

    Professional active management of securities portfolio on the basis of an individual investment strategy.


Delegate portfolio management to investment professionals.


Select investment strategy in line with your needs.


Generate higher returns through capital market investments.


Withdraw from portfolio without any sanctions or fees.

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Amundi Czech Republic will be your partner when it comes to capital markets.

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About Individual Asset Management

  • Highly individualized product intended for clients wishing to generate returns on disposable funds of no less than CZK 20 million (or foreign currency equivalent) through investments in securities
  • Amundi Czech Republic, investiční společnost, a.s., (Amundi Czech Republic) will create and subsequently actively manage a securities portfolio for you, in compliance with agreed individual investment strategy
  • You will enter into a Portfolio Management Agreement with Amundi Czech Republic that will also include various investment restrictions
  • Your portfolio will then be managed by an Amundi Czech Republic portfolio manager in order to ensure the best possible returns on your investments, in full compliance with the investment restrictions specified in you Agreement
  • Trading will take place in your accounts

You might also like to know

  • Creating an individual investment strategy
    • Investment strategy creation is a highly individual process that is based on client’s needs and current financial market outlooks
    • Communicate your ideas to Amundi Czech Republic portfolio managers – they will use them to prepare an individual investment strategy proposal for you and discuss it with you
    • Selected investment strategy forms an integral part of your Agreement and is binding on the portfolio manager
  • Reporting on the performance of your investments
    • You will receive regular reports on the performance of your portfolio
    • You will be assigned a contact person to be at your service any time
  • Manage your portfolio
    • Withdraw from or invest in your portfolio whenever you like
    • Terminate your Agreement without any sanctions at any time – irrespectively of the investment horizon

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