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    Combine benefits of investments in funds with individual asset management.

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Entrust your funds to experienced portfolio managers.


Get regular reports on the current performance of your portfolio.


Your funds are normally available within a week.

Tax benefits

Revenue from sale may be exempt from income tax.

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Partially open architecture provides wide selection of underlying assets.


Portfolio management services are provided by a team of Amundi Czech Republic experts.

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About KB Private Asset Management – Exclusive

  • Comprehensive solution for valuation of funds where investors select one of four alternatives with different investment approach, risk profile, and associated expected returns
  • KB Private Asset Management – Exclusive is intended for clients with investments from CZK 500,000 who wish to generate returns on their investments in financial markets and request services of experienced portfolio managers for active management of their investments
  • This investment solution is characterized by high liquidity of invested funds and partially open architecture that offers a wide selection of underlying assets
  • It includes personal reporting, informing clients about the current portfolio performance and structure, as well as regular portfolio performance assessment
  • Benefit from the mutual fund tax regime – revenue from sale of shares is exempt from income tax for individuals, provided such shares were hold for more than 3 years. Revenue from sale of securities is always exempt, if the aggregate revenue from all securities does not exceed CZK 100,000 for taxpayer and taxable year

* For binding deadlines relating to settlement of orders, see the Order Processing Schedule at www.amundi-cr.cz.

You might also like to know

  • Brief characteristics of individual funds:
    • KB Private Asset Management 1 – Exclusive
      • Conservative bond fund
      • The main criterion for the selection of bonds for the fund’s portfolio is their quality and maturity (average maturity of the portfolio cannot exceed 3 years, thereby contributing to fund’s stability). Bonds may be issued by governments, various companies, or banks. Investment grade bonds represent at least 80% of the fund’s bond positions.
    • KB Private Asset Management 2 – Exclusive
      • Conservative balanced fund
      • Bond component, mainly comprising Czech government bonds, is dominant
        • Weight of the bond component in the portfolio fluctuates from 50 to 70%, depending on the situation on capital markets
      • Second pillar of the fund is the equity component
        • From the territorial perspective, the fund primarily invests in securities from Central and Eastern Europe, the reason being very good market knowledge on the part of the portfolio manager’s team. For the purpose of regional diversification, the portfolio comprises securities from developed financial markets
        • The weight of the equity component fluctuates from 20 to 40%, depending on the market situation.
    • KB Private Asset Management 4 – Exclusive
      • Dynamic balanced fund
      • Dominant pillar is the equity component, which comprises stocks of issuers from Central and Eastern Europe and, on an ancillary basis, stocks traded on developed stock markets (United States, Western Europe)
        • Weight of the stock component fluctuates from 60 to 80%, depending on the market situation
      • Second pillar of the fund is the bond component consisting of Czech government bonds
        • The weight of the bond component in the portfolio as a whole fluctuates from 10 to 30%, depending on the situation on capital markets.
    • KB Private Asset Management 5D – Exclusive
      • Equity fund
      • Fund’s investment strategy targets shares of companies that distribute the predominant share of their profits in the form of dividends. Compared to the market as a whole, the shares of such companies are more stable, not so prone to sudden price fluctuations.
      • Global portfolio structure with key share markets being equally represented within the portfolio
      • Portfolio comprises from 80 to 100% of dividend-bearing shares.
      • Fund offers two classes of shares – distribution (dividend) class and accumulation class. While the distribution class distributes all dividends received by the fund to shareholders once a year, the accumulation class reinvests any received dividend

    Important information for you

    Risk notice

    Each investment involves risk and the potential risk may adequately increase with increasing returns, whereas even the initially invested amount may not be fully recovered. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Prices of investment funds’ securities may fluctuate in value, in reaction to changing economic conditions, interest rates, as well as the manner, in which the market perceives securities. Information specified herein does not serve as an investment guide / does not represent investment recommendation to purchase or sell any securities. Final allocations to individual funds and specific decisions concerning the selection of individual investment types are always made at the investor’s sole discretion, whereas it is always necessary to consider specific financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment purpose prior to selecting specific products. Before any decision to invest, investors are advised to carefully review the fund Prospectus, which contains detailed information about the fund’s investment strategy and related risks. The fund’s Prospectus is available at www.amundi-cr.cz or at any branch of Komerční banka.

    This site containing investment products and insurance-based investment products is not intended for citizens or residents of the United States of america (USA) or for any “U.S. Person”, as defined in SEC Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. The investment products and insurance-based investment products described on this website are not registered under the U.S. federal securities laws or any other relevant U.S. state laws. Consequently, no investment product may be offered or sold directly or indirectly in the USA, to or for the benefit of residents and citizens of the USA and to U.S. Persons. This restriction also applies to residents and citizens of the USA and U.S. Persons who may access this website while outside of the USA.

Investment eligibility

KB Private Asset Management – Exclusive funds are intended for investors with investments exceeding CZK 500,000.


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