• Brouček Children's Life Insurance

    Investment life insurance with potentially attractive returns that provide security to your children in the future.


Secure your children against any adverse events.


Select between the savings and protective insurance programme.


Select suitable investment strategy and promote potential returns.


Get accident or hospitalization insurance for you and your children.

Why KB?


The protection insurance program also offers assistance services.


Enjoy guaranteed minimum returns on your savings.


Take out Children’s Life insurance and get a free present.

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About Brouček Children’s Life insurance

  • Investment life insurance for children
  • Coverage also includes insurance for the event of death or survival of an adult
  • Optional supplementary accident/hospitalization insurance for children and adults
  • Select one of two insurance programs: savings and protective
  • Ensure sufficient financial funds for your child for the event of sudden events
  • Benefit from the continuity guarantee for savings and insurance in adverse life situations – in case of total disability or death of insured adult, insurance premium will be paid by insurance company in full
  • Product provided by Komerční pojišťovna a.s.

You might also like to know

  • Brouček Children’s Life insurance covers the following risks:
    • Death of insured adults
    • Total disability of insured adults
  • Supplementary accident insurance covers the following risks:
    • Accidental damage – children and adults
    • Accident with permanent effects – children and adults
    • Accidental death of insured adults
  • Supplementary insurance for the event of hospitalization in the Czech Republic and Member States of the EU in the form of payment of daily insurance benefits for children and adult (also applies to childbirth)
  • Guaranteed minimum returns for the Fund with Guaranteed Returns
  • Select suitable investment strategy and promote your potential returns

Intended for

This insurance may be taken out for children – from birth up to the age of 14.

Legal relation

No special legal relation must exist between the insured child and adult policy holder.

Specific conditions

Applicant must be a Czech citizen or person with permanent residence/residence permit in the Czech Republic.

Ladybird Children's Account

Account for children from birth to 15 years of age, with their own card from the age of 8.



Detailed KB pricelist and interest rates.


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