• Building Savings

    Safe savings with state support and possibility to benefit from a housing loan under special terms.

Up to CZK 2,000

Save wisely and benefit from state support of up to CZK 2,000 per year.


All deposits are by law insured for up to EUR 100,000.

Great deal

Benefit from a housing loan under special terms, if you wish.


Once the statutory binding period expires, you can use your savings for anything.

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We will help you configure the best savings parameters possible.

Better terms

Even more profitable products for children, youngsters, and older clients.

Special interest rate

Benefit from a Building Savings loan with special interest rate.

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About Building Savings

  • Savings product with state support of up to CZK 2,000 per year
  • The state support amount and terms and conditions for the provision thereof adhere to Act no. 96/1993 Coll., on Building savings, as amended
  • Benefit from the possibility to take out a housing loan – e.g. for house or apartment acquisition, refurbishment or furnishings – under special terms
  • How to get a Building Savings loan:
    • Select your target amount that should correspond to the amount of required funds
    • Once you save up certain part of your target amount and specific period expires, you may take out the rest of your target amount in the form a Building Savings loan under special terms
  • Special Building Savings contracts are available for children, such as Mopy Junior and Mopísek, with lower or zero initial fees. Your savings may later help you to acquire your own housing or finance studies. These contracts are concluded for a target amount of up to CZK 150,000
  • Special contracts with no initial fees are also available for clients aged 55+

You might also like to know

  • Once the statutory binding period expires, you can use your savings for anything
  • Building Savings loans may be used to purchase real estate, develop or acquire residential real estate, purchase land, refurbish a house or apartment, including furnishings, conversion of non-residential premises to an apartment or settlement of liabilities associated with acquisition of housing
  • In case you need financial funds before you actually qualify for a Building Savings loan, you can apply for MPSS Quick Loan that offers financial funds right away, even without the need for your own savings
    • It is a bridging loan of up to CZK 700,000 without any security
    • Quick Loan can be used for anything relating to housing – such as construction, conversion of real estate to residential premises, settlement of contribution or share in a legal entity, settlement of claims of spouses or heirs, repayment of a loan/credit from another financial institution, refurbishment or maintenance of residential premises for housing, modification, refurbishment, and maintenance of a building or apartment for the purpose of housing, or conversion of non-residential premises to an apartment, including furnishings
    • This loan may also be used to refund any expenses already paid (during the past 12 months)

Important information for you

  • Standby processing offer applies to all loans (financial funds are available in advance for clients looking for an apartment, house or land)

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