• Services to Issuers of Securities

    Administration of securities issues including processing of payments to and from securities holders.


We offer comprehensive services to manage your securities issue.


Work with a team of professionals.


Proceeds from the issue can be transferred to an account or collected at a KB branch.


We will tailor the services to suit your specific needs.

Why KB?

Your choice

We provide our services for paper form and book-entry securities.

Professional help

We have extensive experience with the administration of security issues.

Peace of mind

We will handle all administrative tasks associated with issuance of securities.

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Benefit from the following services

  • Administration of securities issues
    • For book-entry securities
      • We will arrange contract with Central Securities Depository
      • We will register and settle the primary issue
      • Provision of statements from the issue records as the basis for the distribution of revenue and nominal value repayment
      • We will serve as calculation agent for floating rate bonds
      • We will arrange distribution the issue proceeds and principal repayment
    • For paper form securities
      • We will register and settle the primary issue
      • We will act as custodian of a global (collective) bond
      • We will maintain registry of individual shares in the global (collective) bond
      • We will serve as calculation agent for floating rate bonds
      • We will arrange distribution the issue proceeds and principal repayment
    • We will provide other services as requested by the issuer (e.g. press notifications, notifications to bond holders, reporting, handling of correspondence, etc.)
  • Holder of record statements
    • We will collect statements from the issue records of the Central Securities Depository
    • Delivery of statements to issuers in electronic or written form
  • Processing of payments to securities holders and other direct payments
    • The payments are processed based on agreement between client and KB which sets out distribution terms
    • Funds are paid out upon presentation of beneficiary’s identity documents corroborating
      • ID card
      • Passport
      • Extract from the Commercial Register
      • Other documents
    • Payments are either in cash or to an account in the Czech Republic or abroad, as agreed
    • Payments to the account may be executed on the basis of a one-off or standing payment order (this does not apply to supplementary pension savings benefits)
    • It is possible to notify beneficiaries in advance that they will receive payment from KB
    • Status of payments can be monitored online
    • Large volume of payments can be processed quickly and with minimum costs
  • Immobilization of shares
    • Collection of share certificates from shareholders at selected branches of the bank (as requested by an issuer)
    • Custody of shares
    • Maintenance of shareholders’ register, statements and extracts from registers will be provided
    • Dividend payments
    • Other associated services for individual shareholders – changes to identification data, ownership transfers and maintenance of lien records

Services to Issuers are intended for

  • Issuers of securities
  • KB Pension Fund
  • Financial Market Guarantee System
  • Companies or individuals that wish to use KB branch network to distribute funds


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