An update of chipcard reader softwar

Upgrade to the new version is necessary!


During the 6th of September 2022 smart cards will be be switched to the new interface. In order to ensure that you can log in safely after this date, please install the new version of the smartcard communication software in time. Administrator rights are required for the installation, so please inform you IT adminitrator in time.

Answers and more detailed information can be found below under the FAQ section.


Download the installation (exe) file, close all running programs and open/run the downloaded file. If you need more detailed steps, please use this  PDF guide.

When you run the installer for the second time, the version of CryptoPlus system components will be 2.2.2.xxxx and the CryptoPlus KB – Signing Module (new generation“ item will say „Installed“ (check the screen below)

You can do the installation anytime. If the new installation is not done by the deadline above, you will not be able to login into internet banking applications.

NO, you can install it anytime. In new interafce we support bot hold and new login methods.