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A guide for new clients

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

thank you for choosing to become our client and to enter a contract with MůjÚčet Junior in KB. In order to receive the best care from the beginning, we have prepared for you an overview of the benefits and important information about Můj Účet Junior.

MůjÚčet Junior

Můj Účet Junior offers the ideal opportunity to manage your child's pocket money and also teach children how to manage money.

  • Legal representatives have control over the account and can easily transfer pocket money from their account.

  • The children themselves from 6-year old have own card for their account, so they can withdraw at ATMs and pay with a card at merchants. Limits for individual payments are set by the legal representative.

  • In the Mobile Bank application, both the child and the parent (legal representative) can see how much remains in the account and what the child spends for it.

  • The child is led to financial responsibility and the parent (legal representative) does not lose sight and control.

debit card with own design free of charge ( from 6 years). More information at www.mojekarta.cz

mobile and internet banking for both the child (6 years) and the legal representative

withdrawals and account balance at KB ATMs free of charge

account management and incoming transactions free of charge

notification SMS on account balance free of charge

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