We share ATMs with three banks

Make cash withdrawals with your debit card from MONETA Money Bank, Air Bank and Unicredit Bank ATMs
From 1 February 2023, you can now use more than 2000 ATMs throughout the Czech Republic
Discover new ATMs at locations
where they were previously unavailable
We save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the participating banks
We won the Bankovní inovátor 2022 award for our ATM sharing project

Benefits of ATM sharing

As of 1 June 2022, clients of KB and MONETA Money Bank can make cash withdrawals with their debit cards and display account balance at ATMs of both banks, free of charge. From 1 February 2023, the same option will available at ATMs of Air Bank and UniCredit Bank.

Through this initiative, we respond to the current European trend of ATM sharing. The objective is to eliminate duplicate ATMs – in case two shared ATMs are close to each other at a certain location, we will remove one of them and reinstall it at a new location where no ATM was previously available. Over 5,000 of you voted last year on where to move duplicate ATMs.

We also invited other banks in the market to cooperate in the area of ATM sharing. Our partnership with MONETA Money Bank was a start; then Air Bank and Unicredit Bank joined the project. We hope that other banks will join us in the future as well. 

Bankovní inovátor

Thank you for appreciating our ATM sharing project

We won the prestigious award Bankovní inovátor 2022 for our innovative approach to ATM network sharing. The prize is awarded every year by Hospodářské noviny as part of the Visa Nejlepší banka competition. You have decided the winner of the Bankovní inovátor category with your votes via an online poll.

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