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About cookies and similar technology

Cookies are small blocks of data that are placed on your device. On each subsequent visit, information from cookies are sent to our servers; this allows us to collect data that we use and further process. Similar technology used in our applications and Internet banking functions on the basis of the same principle. For reasons of convenience, we will refer to such similar technology as cookies. In some cases, it is absolutely essential to collect such data, as our website, individual applications or Internet banking would not function correctly otherwise. Such cookies are referred to as strictly necessary cookies and cannot be disabled. In other cases, you may decide which cookies you use. You can change your preferences at any time and update your settings accordingly. Furthermore, you can adjust your settings for each of our websites separately. Common settings apply to our applications and Internet banking; these settings may be customized upon signing into any of them.

What is the purpose of cookies at

  • Cookies remember information you fill in. There is no need to enter your information again if you accidentally close the website.
  • They allow you to search our website.
  • Cookies remember your language preferences for our website.
  • They can tell what things you might like. This allows us to only present relevant ads to you.

Cookies also help us. We can see what contents you like and are thus able to further improve our website.

Types of cookies and similar technology used