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Available Bank Accounts

  • Current Account
  • Multicurrency Account
  • Account from 18 to 26 years

  • Student Account from 15 years
  • MůjÚčet Junior Account
  • Erasmus Package

About our bank accounts

You can always keep track of your account with the KB+ application, where you can easily open and manage your account with just a few clicks, assign a name to your account, add authorized persons, etc. 

You can easily control all your products and services in the KB+ application. If you require assistance of a bank advisor, there are more than 200 branches available and a customer service line. You can make cash withdrawal from more than 2,000 ATMs

With the Standard, Comfort, and Exclusive plans, you get a multicurrency account that allows you to use up to 13 currencies, including EUR, USD or GBP. You can quickly exchange individual currencies in the KB+ application and make payments in a currency that suits you. 

Plan Standard is free of charge and Plan Comfort with 50% off for clients between the ages of 18 and 26 years.

Get an eco-friendly payment card that features a unique design with a student account for individuals aged 15 years or more. Free account maintenance for students aged 15 years or more. Feel at home during Erasmus with the Erasmus Student Account in EUR or USD and mobile phone payments.

Teach your children to responsibly handle their finances with MůjÚčet Junior Account, while you retain full control.

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