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About our loans

You can use your loan for anything you want. Choose the payment amount and date. Early repayment and unscheduled payments are always free of charge and can also be handled online.

Benefit from better terms and conditions – e.g. lower monthly payment or interest rate – and save with consolidation.

Do you wish to get a photovoltaic power station or other sustainable technologies? We offer loans for sustainable housing and technologies, including accessories and installation.

With an overdraft, you can actually overdraw your current account by a prearranged amount.


Every loan application is always individual and has to be evaluated at a KB branch in person. At the KB branch you will be asked to present us with two identity documents (passport + birth certificate/driving licence).

It is also necessary to have income from a full time job / business which is taxed in the Czech Republic. The applicant cannot be in probation or notice period and in case of a definite working contract, he/she needs to be working at the position for at least 6 months. Indefinite working contracts are fine.

In case you are not a Czech citizen, the eligibility also depends on your residency permit in the Czech Republic. For EU citizens, we require at least a temporary or a long term residency permit. For non-EU citizens, however, a permanent residency permit is always required.

About our mortgages

We will adapt to you in any situation – whether you need refinance your housing, transfer your mortgage loan to your children or get another loan to buy a car, for example. 

2-in-1 Mortgage Loan combines a mortgage loan with additional funds for things that cannot be financed with a mortgage loan – at a lower interest rate compared to a standard loan. Lower interest rate with insurance coverage from Komerční pojišťovna.

If you already have a mortgage loan with another bank, you can refinance it with KB. Quicker process compared to a new mortgage loan. 

We also offer home equity/secured loans that offer low interest rates and can be used for anything.

Differences between a standard mortgage loan and a home equity/secured loan

The main difference consists in the way you can use the borrowed funds. With a standard mortgage loan, the money can also be used for housing-related purposes, typically to purchase a house or apartment, reconstruct your own housing or build a new home – and it needs to be documented.

Funds received in connection with a home equity/secured loan can be used for anything, without having to present invoices or contracts of purchase, whereas the bank does not monitor the actual purpose. 

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