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Private Banking
KB Private Banking is a separate branch of the bank with nationwide operation. In the Czech Republic, we provide our services to clients with financial assets exceeding CZK 20 million.

First-class services

Our bankers are selected on the basis of the most stringent criteria. Your banker will be an experienced and well-proven professional, who is the best in the given field. This guarantees the best level of services for you.

Team of experts

Komerční banka features dedicated expert teams that specialize in product or investment advisory, portfolio management, private project funding, succession planning, and intergenerational transfer of assets. We also have at our disposal international expert teams of Société Générale Group Private Banking.

Partnership and confidentiality

We believe you appreciate long-term professional relationships. Fully understanding your individual financial objectives and priorities, we can propose solutions that would comprehensively cover your needs.

We know that partnership matters.

What we offer

First-class Care in Every Detail

Naturally, you have come to expect perfect services in every aspect. We pride ourselves on providing such services to you.

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  • Long-term relationship
  • Expert know-how
  • Background of strong financial group – SG Group

 Long-term strategy

  • Protection and growth of your assets
  • First-class banking services
  • Products in open architecture

 Individual approach

  • Private banker
  • Team of experts
  • Regular meetings at your convenience


  • Your data are administered and managed separately from any other data
  • Dedicated private premises for meetings and negotiations
  • Dedicated parking at branches

Personal Approach

Private banker is your exclusive contact person, who will deal with all of your financial matters. If necessary he or she will consult an expert team.

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Private bankers and expert teams at your service:

First-class banking services

  • Private banker

Structuring of family assets

  • Adviser in asset structuring

Private portfolio management & Private investment expertise

  • Portfolio manager, Investment specialist

Real estate and project financing & Purchase price administration

  • Financing specialist

Access to regular analyses of global markets

  • Team of analysts

Assistance in the company sales process

  • Adviser in asset structuring

Individual financial solution

We listen to your actual needs in your personal and professional life. We offer discreet financial partnership for any situation in your life.

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You can come to us with any request – from day-to-day financial needs to highly specialized investment solutions.

You and your family

Your priority

  • First-class banking services
  • Protection of family and assets
  • Traveling
  • Private projects
  • Common property
  • Transfer of assets to next generations
  • Structure for the inheritance process administration

Customized financial solutions

  • Exclusive financial products and services
  • Premium payment cards
  • Term deposits and savings accounts
  • Above-standard personal assistance services
  • First-class travel insurance
  • Trust accounts for transfer of assets to next generations
  • Private project funding
  • International financial services


Your financial assets

Your priority

  • Protection and growth of your assets
  • Advisory relating to financial instruments
  • Optimal portfolio structure, incl. risk management
  • Economic and strategic analyses

Customized financial solutions

  • Private portfolio management
  • Investment products from public and nonpublic offer
  • Qualified investor funds and other specialized open architecture funds
  • Investment/insurance products
  • Access to direct financial market trading


Your real estate

Your priority

  • Optimal form of ownership
  • Suitable funding
  • Tax implications

Customized financial solutions

  • Specialized real estate and mortgage loans
  • Lombard loans
  • Financing a rental property


Your business

Your priority

  • Business development and financing
  • Transfer to next generations

Customized financial solutions

  • Cooperation with the bank’s corporate division and funding
  • Assistance in the company sales process
  • Individual plans for transfer of assets to next generations

Asset Management

Your private banker, together with an expert team, will assist you in optimizing the allocation of funds to ensure it corresponds to your financial goals and selected strategy.

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Therefore, we will cooperate to create your individual portfolio, the development of which would be monitored with you, reacting to current market conditions and opportunities, as appropriate.

Cooperation model of your choice

You can choose  the level of cooperation and involvement in portfolio management according to your preferences.

I delegate

Private portfolio management

You delegate the management of your portfolio to a portfolio manager, who shall manage it in compliance with your individual goals and selected strategy.


I consult; however,
I make decisions on my own


Investment consulting

Your portfolio is managed on the basis of recommendations of an investment specialist and your decisions. You consult individual transactions, their benefits and involved risks with the investment specialist.

I trade on the financial market directly

Financial market trading

Individual transactions are executed on the basis of your own investment decisions via an investment specialist or specialized dealing of KB Investment Banking. We will provide you with access to various investment instruments – from conventional instruments to customized structured products (derivatives).


The Best Private Bank in 2017

Komerční banka Private Banking was awarded first place in the prestigious survey organized by Professional Wealth Management and The Banker, which belong to The Financial Times group.

We would like to sincerely thank our clients, who are the focus of our commitment, and this Award is dedicated to them.

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