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Insurance products

  • Travel Insurance
  • MojeJistota Risk Life Insurance
  • Vital Invest Investment Life Insurance
  • MojePojištění Property Insurance

  • Solvency Insurance
  • Merlin and Merlin Junior Card Insurance
  • MojePojištění plateb Payment Insurance

About our insurance products

Travel around the world without any worries. In KB, you have a choice of single-trip travel insurance or long-term travel insurance with Gold Card and Platinum Visa debit cards or World Elite credit card. We will compensate you for your medical expenses, find you a suitable doctor abroad and arrange everything during hospitalization. You can insure luggage, liability for damage, trip cancellation and accident. 

MojeJistota is life, risk, and sickness insurance for children and adults. It will assist you in the event of a loss of income, sickness or other emergencies. 

Vital Invest is unit-linked life insurance with an attractive portfolio of investment funds. The beneficiary designated by you will receive the funds without inheritance proceedings. 

With a single insurance policy, you will get MojePojištění insurance covering property and liability for damage caused by you or your family members. In addition, you can benefit from 24/7 assistance services in the event of household emergencies, when you lock yourself out or when your apartment becomes uninhabitable. 

You can arrange payment protection insurance with a loan, mortgage loan or credit card. Protect yourself and your family in the event of a loss of income. 

Merlin Payment Card Insurance provides coverage for your payment cards (even those issued by other banks) in the event of their loss or theft. It will also cover keys, mobile phone or wallet – anywhere in the world. The version for children - Merlin Junior – also provides third-party liability insurance. 

MojePojištění plateb is accident insurance that covers your regular expenses. 

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