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About savings

Savings money always pay off – whether you are saving for a new car or a big adventure, our savings accounts will allow to save money in a transparent manner. With KB savings accounts, you will be able to create savings envelopes and set money aside for anything you need. You can assign a name to each envelope and define a target amount. You can start off with several hundred crowns each month. Savings accounts makes your money work while leaving the opportunity to access it at any time. Moreover, you can benefit from attrictive bonuses. Any interest and bonuses will be credited on a monthly basis. 

Teach your children to responsibly handle their finances from an early age with Junior Savings Account. Account maintenance and incoming payments are free of charge. 

When you save and make regular investments, you will get a bonus interest. Simply open a Konto Bonus savings account. 

With term accounts, you benefit from a fixed interest rate and secure deposits over a long period of time. Your funds will be available to you at an agreed date. You can also combine savings and investments to qualify for higher interest rate compared to a standard savings account. Save and invest at the same time with Bonus Invest to protect your savings from inflation. 

With building savings accounts, you can receive a state contribution each year and a housing loan under special terms as the basis for a mortgage loan. 

With extra pension saving account, you will be able to receive state contributions and benefit from tax advantages. Your employer can contribute to your pension savings account as well. Moreover, you can save for your children. Several individuals can contribute under a single contract – for example, parents and grandparents. 

All deposits are insured by law for a maximal amount of EUR 100,000.

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