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Debit Cards

  • Visa Classic
  • Platinum Visa
  • Gold Card

Credit Cards

  • 4U Card
  • A Card
  • World Elite Credit Card

About our debit cards

Together with a plan, you will get a Visa Classic debit card for quick and secure payments anywhere in the world. You can define your card limits at any time online. You can have several cards, depending on your plan. Cash withdrawals from the shared ATM network are free of charge. With your card, you can also make payments using your mobile phone or smartwatch. 

If you wish to enjoy great benefits worldwide and travel insurance for your whole family, Platinum Visa is the way to go.

And if you need cash withdrawals no matter where you are, select our Gold Card.

Choose the card design that you like with MojeKarta.

About our credit cards

4U Card is a credit card for worry-free shopping and separate finances that also offers post-warranty repair service for appliances and payment protection insurance.  

A Card is a credit card for great shopping deals that also offers extended warranty for purchased products. Moreover, you can get 1% back from each payment to your pension savings account.

World Elite Credit Card offers great travel insurance coverage for the whole family. 

We are really serious about sustainability. This is why we continue to replace all standard plastic payment cards with eco-friendly cards that are made from 100% of recycled materials.

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