Payment Initiation Service (PIS) for KBSK API


With this service, the users of your applications can initiate payments from their KB accounts

In order to use this service, it is necessary to obtain the relevant PSD2 license from the Czech National Bank or another official authority in the EU and receive a qualified certificate. Komerční banka relies on a uniform structure and format of information, as defined in the Czech Open Banking Standard (“COBS”) by the Czech Banking Association.

Available features

There are several basic ways you can use the data

  • Make payments directly from your application
  • Execute payments in real time
  • Revolution in online shopping payments

Available data

For current detailed overview of all functional APIs, see the Overview of Services

Make a domestic payment in CZK of up to CZK 300,000.

Payment authorization
Payment authorization will be carried out through the standard authorization procedure defined for a client’s account.

SEPA and foreign payments
You will soon be able to initiate foreign and SEPA payments from your applications.

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