API for affiliate partners


Contact Request API is intended for KB partners who run their own websites and need to get data about requests to KB

Available features

Why to use the partner API

  • Make money with the affiliate program and send data securely online
  • You have your own portal and want to cooperate with KB, contact us
  • Use the API for free and any time

Contact Request API

Because we care about our partners and know that cooperation is the basis of success for both parties, we have built a "Contact request API" for affiliate partners that will allow you to safely transfer your contacts, e.g. from your loan portal, to KB for processing and we'll pay you a commission.

Available data

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Data in API
Client's name and surname, phone number, e-mail address, contact time, type and parameters of the product the client is interested in

Types of products
For example, the contact may be about products like consumer loan or mortgage, credit card, investment, authorized overdraft or loan consolidation

Document to download

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Contact us

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