Environmental sustainability

We mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment

We want to be carbon neutral by 2026

We are not afraid of any challenges. This is also the reason why we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that Komerční banka becomes carbon neutral by 2026. In 2022, we achieved further significant carbon footprint reductions. Compared to the 2019 baseline, we have already reduced our emissions by 44%, with emissions per client amounting to 13.5 kg CO2e. Furthermore, we started buying electricity from renewable energy sources in 2021, with 59% of our overall electricity consumption currently covered by renewable energy sources. Measuring our carbon footprint is an important part of our efforts to conduct our business responsibly. 

For our corporate policy on climate change as well as our commitments that we wish to gradually meet, see the attached documents. 

Uhlíková stopad

In the attached documents you will find the company's climate change policy and our commitments, which we will implement over time.

Areas of environmental sustainability

Clean Up Czechia

For several years, we have been the main partner of the Clean Up Czechia volunteer event. Our employees thus voluntarily join the cleanings in selected locations.

Ukliďme Česko