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Download transaction history and account balance for your accounts conveniently and securely
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What does ADAA do?

The Account Direct Access API (ADAA) service provides secure access to information about:

  • Client’s transaction history
  • Card transactions, including credit cards
  • Bank account balance

Information about transaction history is provided in connection with current accounts of a client of Komerční banka.

Account balance information is provided in the following details:

  • Account balance
  • Available balance (including card transactions)


In order to use Account Direct Access API (ADAA), you must have a certificate that is deemed credible by Komerční banka. To obtain such certificate, it is necessary to apply to:

We support any of the following certificate types:

  • Employee qualified certificate
  • Company qualified certificate

Account Direct Access API (ADAA) requires a certificate that must contain Organisation name and identification number (IČO). When applying for a certificate, the client must explicitly specify this.

The condition for using the service is ownership of at least one of KB's Direct Banking channels (MojeBanka, MojeBanka Business or Profibanka) and an active one of the authentication methods, for example KB Klíč.


Transactions in an instant
Online stores, clubs, and associations that collect membership fees – all these entities need to actively work with payments. With Account Direct Access API (ADAA), clients can obtain information about payments in real time and subsequently use such information in their processes – such as shipping of goods in online stores or reconciliation of invoices by accounting firms. 

Management of financial flows
Clients may use account balance information for active management of their financial flows. It is possible to monitor balances of individual accounts and subsequently, based on the results, initiate further actions – such as notification that a current account balance is below a specific limit.


During the pilot period, the service is provided free of charge to KB clients as part of the KB Direct Banking business offer.

About ADAA

  1. Client logs in an application with an already implemented support of the Account Direct Access API (ADAA) service. Client will subsequently work with the relevant data in such application as well.
  2. Client must consent to data downloads in the application. This consent is given through one of the available bank authentication methods:
           a. Security password
           b. File-based personal certificate
           c. Smartcard-based personal certificate
           d. KB Klíč
  3. The consent is given for a specific period of time of no more than 12 months.
  4. Once the consent is given, the relevant third-party application is ready to download data and process transaction history.


In order to access the service, the following is necessary:

  • Valid qualified certificate issued by a certification authority that is deemed credible by KB (I.CA, PostSignum).
  • When using the service, we advise you to follow the rules of prudency in connection with data and system security; for our recommendations, see the API Security rules.

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