API Business suite

Service package for quick payment submission and matching. Ideal for your accounting, ERP, and
e-commerce systems

How can you use it?

Transaction history

Transaction history

API Business Suite will allow you to monitor KB account transactions (incl. card transactions) in real time and to actively work with such transactions in your applications or systems. Moreover, we will notify you – via API - of any incoming and outgoing payments and other account activity.
Bank account balance

Bank account balance

API Business Suite will help you monitor accounting and disposable balances of your KB accounts. You can further use such information and link various actions thereto – e.g. notifications of defined minimum or maximum account balances.
Bank statements in PDF

Bank statements in PDF

With API Business Suite, you can download PDF bank statements via API.
Batch payments

Batch payments

API Business Suite will allow you to submit batch payments from your system to the bank via API. You can then securely authorize these payments in your direct banking application.

Service description

What does API Business Suite do

API Business Suite is a suite of API services that will facilitate the monitoring and submission of payments in connection with your Komerční banka accounts. With API, you can download transaction history to your systems, even with detailed information about card transactions. You can also download bank statements directly in PDF. Moreover, batch orders are coming soon.

You can use all or only some of the services available within API Business Suite. We continue to work hard on individual services to gradually bring them to production.

Terms of use

  • In order to use the service, you must have a qualified certificate issued by I.CA
  • The certificate must contain organisation name and identification number (IČO). When applying for the certificate, it is necessary to explicitly specify this.
  • We support both company qualified certificates and employee qualified certificates
  • When using the service, we advise you to follow the rules of prudency in connection with data and system security. Download recommendations (444 kB, PDF)


During the pilot period, the service is provided free of charge to KB clients as part of the KB Direct Banking business offer.

API Business suite services

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