Manage your business 
finances conveniently 


Free withdrawals from KB ATMs

Authorised overdraft of up to CZK 3,000,000

First 10 transactions free of charge

Internet and mobile banking included


  • Contactless payment card

  • Transaction packages at special prices

  • Rewards for your activity with the  MojeOdměny programme 

  • Special terms for start-up businesses, housing cooperatives and unit owner associations 

Selected price list items

Monthly fee per package
CZK 169 (without linking to Profi program)
Cash withdrawal from a foreign ATM in the Czech Republic
CZK 39
Outgoing domestic electronic payment
CZK 6 (over package)
Incoming domestic payment
CZK 6 (over package)
Cash deposit with closed package or night vault
Profi Merlin insurance (collective)
CZK 468 / per year
Package of 10 electronic payments
CZK 39 (refund guaranteed)
Package of 25 electronic payments
CZK 95
Package of 50 electronic payments
CZK 179
Package of 75 electronic payments
CZK 255
Package of 100 electronic payments
CZK 329

How to get this product?

By phone

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.



  • Profi Account is an account intended for entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • It is a current account in CZK with a contactless embossed payment card
  • Make cash and cashless payment transactions
  • Electronic bank statements and notifications via SMS, email or fax come as standard 
  • Account maintenance for holders of MůjÚčet Plus package or another personal account maintained under the Profi Programme
  • Special terms for start-up businesses, housing cooperatives and unit owner associations 
  • First 10 incoming or outgoing transactions free of charge each month
  • Secure internet banking and mobile app
  • Authorised overdraft of up to CZK 3,000,000
  • Rewards for your activity with the MojeOdměny programme
  • We will provide guidance and assistance with individual setup of services
  • Benefit from optional services – such as transaction packages under special terms
  • Make POS payments with your credit or debit card and receive refund on fees for withdrawals from KB ATMs with your debit card
  • One price for transactions within/outside of KB submitted via direct banking

Aktivujte si zdarma ve svém internetovém bankovnictví aplikaci Fakturoid a získejte jednoduchý online nástroj, který vám pomůže udělat pořádek ve fakturách.

V čem vám Fakturoid pomůže:

  • Fakturace až na 5 firem zdarma - placené verze mají neomezený počet faktur
  • Zjednoduší vám papírování - fakturu vytvoříte za méně než minutu
  • Získáte přehled - Díky měsíčním, čtvrtletním, ročním nebo vlastním přehledům


Základní varianta služby Fakturoid je zdarma.

Na placené varianty mají naši klienti zvýhodnění v podobě 2 měsíců ročně zdarma, když si Fakturoid sjednají na rok a v aplikaci MojeBanka. Podívejte se na celou nabídku.

Aplikaci Fakturoid provozuje Fakturoid, s.r.o.

Open your account online or at any branch.

You should prepare the following:

  • 2 identity documents – e.g. identity card and driving licence
  • Document authorising business activities – e.g. a Trade Certificate or Commercial Register extract

The account may be opened by anyone over the age of 18 with a valid company ID number.