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Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Today, business loans are very common. We will gladly help you make your business dreams come true or take your current business activities to another level.

Are you about to dive into your business project and need financing to get started? Our loan for start-up businesses will help you out. You can get up to CZK 1,000,000 to jumpstart your business. Take advantage of the loan for start-up businesses and make your dreams come true.

Or maybe you already have your own business, but need to refresh your office equipment, purchase new machines or vehicles? No problems. Check out our special purpose loans for businesses.

Naturally, we will finance anything else you might need for your business ventures with our business loan. You can get up to CZK 5,000,000 to finance anything your company or business project may need.

When doing business, you may find yourself in a situation, in which you need to make payments; however, your customers still have not settled invoices received from you. If this is the case, an overdraft for your business account might be useful. With overdraft, you can easily overcome any fluctuations in your company’s revenue and expenditure.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a business loan. We are here for you.

How to choose a financing

Together we will choose the most suitable solution for you