Manage your business 
finances conveniently 

For CZK 99 a month or FREE OF CHARGE with the PROFI programme

Payment terminal free of charge for a year

50 domestic transactions
per month free of charge

Discounted additional services

1% of credit card payments back to account

Each business may benefit from a specialised corporate centre in KB

What you get with Profi Account

  • You can have a business and personal account for free thanks to the Profi programme

  • You can manage your personal and business account anywhere with the Mobilní banka app

  • You have 50 transactions per month for free.

  • You get Fakturoid, a tool that saves your time spent on invoicing

Selected price list items

Monthly fee without Profi program
CZK 99
Domestic electronic outgoing / incoming payment (over package)
Outgoing electronic SEPA payment
Cash withdrawal from the shared ATM’s network
free of charge
Cash withdrawal from ATM of other domestic banks and banks in Europe
CZK 39
Cash deposit in CZK with sealed envelope / night safe (max 100 coins)

How to get this product?

By phone

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.



  • Digitální dílna – custom website design for an unbeatable price of CZK 5,990
  • iÚčto – accounting solution, incl. payment matching with invoices, for companies and self-employed individuals – save CZK 1,450 a year
  • Fakturoid – issue your invoices online and monitor their maturity; basic version free of charge

Why have a business account

Why have a business account

Because you, your accountant or tax administration during audits will only see business-related financials.

A business account is intended for

Business operators – irrespectively of their field or legal form, self-employed individuals, companies (e.g. limited-liability companies, joint-stock companies, etc.) or specialised professions.

Other benefits of a business account

  • Get a debit card (one or several – depending on the needs of your business) automatically with a business account, with several designs available
  • Free cash deposits and withdrawals from more than 2,000 KB ATMs, MONETA Money Bank, UniCredit Bank and AirBank throughout the Czech Republic
  • A business account is tailored to the needs of businesses – Internet and mobile banking, incl. the possibility to separate payment orders and approvals (if you define that any payments are to be approved by you and your partner or if your employees prepare payments for authorisation)
  • Cash deposit in CZK with sealed envelope / night safe (no more than 100 coins) for CZK 9

Great for business

  • Payment card insurance Profi Merlin for all your business cards for CZK 39 a month
  • Get payment terminal / PayPhone for 12 months free of charge as part of the “Česko platí kartou” campaign
  • Get a credit card with 1% of all payments paid back to your business account (cashback)
  • Benefit from an overdraft with your business account with a credit limit of up to CZK 3,000,000
  • Digitální dílna – custom website design for an unbeatable price of CZK 5,990
  • Fakturoid – issue your invoices online and monitor their maturity; basic version free of charge or higher versions for 2 months free of charge for KB clients (with annual subscription)
  • Firma pro vás – form a new company free of charge – only pay associated statutory fees
  • Paymium – a “buy” button for your online store


  • Profi Account is an account intended for entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • It is a current account in CZK with a contactless embossed payment card
  • Make cash and cashless payment transactions
  • Electronic bank statements and notifications via SMS, email or fax come as standard 

Open your account online or at any branch.

You should prepare the following:

  • 2 identity documents – e.g. identity card and driving licence
  • Document authorising business activities – e.g. a Trade Certificate or Commercial Register extract

The account may be opened by anyone over the age of 18 with a valid company ID number.