Simple electronic
sales registration

Free of charge as part of
the "Česko platí kartou" campaign

Payment terminal free of charge for 12 months

Terminal and remote installation of the e-sales (ESR) app free of charge

One solution for operations of all types and sizes

One device for e-sales and card acceptance

Arrange it quickly at nearly 400 branches


  • All entrepreneurs and companies must take part in the system

  • By law, businesses must register their sales, both cash and noncash (payment cards)

  • Get ready for the following e-sales stages that are to come in January 2021

  • With a new terminal, you can also accept payment cards, thereby making your business more attractive for customers

Selected price list items

ERS on a payment terminal
200 Kč + 21 % VAT monthly
ERS at a cash register
200 Kč + 21 % VAT monthly

How to get this product?

By phone

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At a branch

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  • E-sales (ESR) refer to registration of each cash and noncash payment
  • Bank transfers and direct debits are not subject to e-sales (ESR)
  • When a payment is made, a merchant sends data message (Internet) to the Financial Administration, where the relevant information is saved. The merchant then receives a unique code, which is also printed on a customer’s receipt.
  • The most convenient way is to register e-sales via a payment terminal
  • In case you already have a KB SmartPay terminal, you can order the e-sales (ESR) service over the telephone. We will then upload the necessary application to your terminal remotely 
  • If you do not have a terminal, we will lease it to you and provide necessary services


Who is affected by the e-sales (ESR) process?

  • All cash and noncash transactions may be submitted via the terminal keyboard
  • Our terminals will ensure any communication with the Financial Administration, as well as printing of receipts – incl. mandatory FIK/BKP codes
  • In case there are any changes to e-sales (ESR), we will provide updates
  • No fees for terminal installation and lease
  • Remote installation of the e-sales (ESR) application free of charge as well
  • You can have ESR free of charge as part of the "Česko platí kartou" campaign
  • Up to CZK 5,000 in income tax reliefs
  • Internet connection
  • Device enabling Internet access and entry of received payments
  • Special licensed software for communication with the Financial Administration server
  • Access to the portal and necessary certificate