For unexpected
peace of mind 

Of up to CZK 3,000,000 

Enjoy credit for up to 180 days

Repay authorised overdraft by every incoming payment

Use credit for anything you want

Apply for overdraft when opening your account


  • You need money for a short period of time and do not want to get a loan

  • You prefer to have an approved credit limit and possibility to borrow money repeatedly

  • When waiting for customers to settle payable invoices

  • You do not want to open a special account for your loan

How to get this product?

At a branch

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.

By phone

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.


Get the service online – directly in the MojeBanka application.



  • It is a short-term overdraft in CZK for business current accounts
  • Credit may be used to offset any fluctuation in business revenue and expenditure
  • Use money up to an agreed credit limit defined based on an individual assessment
  • It is a loan with simple form of security
  • Every incoming payment also represents a loan payment
  • Enjoy credit for up to 180 calendar days
  • Loan is fully repaid at the moment your account balance is greater than or equal to zero. You can then draw on the loan for another 180-day period.
  • General-purpose loan for all clients – with the exception of unit owners associations
  • Credit and debit account balance subject to interest rate published in the Notification of Komerční banka, a.s. 

Form of collateral:

  • For entrepreneurs, the debit is secured by avaal on the cover blank
  • Existing KB clients do not need collateral for an agreed debit up to CZK 500,000, or in the case of sufficient turnover in current accounts held with KB
  • Municipality and municipal bonds can get an authorized debit without security

Setting a limit for drawing on an overdraft facility:

Up to the limit of CZK 3,000,000 - Entrepreneurs

  • Based on an individual assessment of the financial situation according to the submitted financial statements

Up to a limit of CZK 500,000 - entrepreneurs, housing cooperatives, unit owners, entities set up by a municipality, city, town or county

  • For existing clients with a current account held with KB for at least 6 months
  • Based on the assessment of the turnover of funds in their current accounts with KB

Up to a limit of CZK 50,000 for new clients - introductory and start-up entrepreneurs, housing co-operatives, unit owners, entities set up by municipalities, towns, cities or regions

Up to a limit of CZK 100,000 for new clients - introducing and starting entrepreneurs from selected professions (farmers, pharmacists, lawyers, notaries, auditors, tax advisers, accountants, architects, authorized engineers and technicians, veterinarians, outpatients, dentists)

Municipalities and associations of municipalities are allowed to set the limit of their debit according to their tax revenues and current subsidies

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