Board Application
Smart tool for the right corporate decisions
  • Plan and get an overview of your future revenue and expenditure
  • Monitor your business through various charts and statistics
New tenders, news and business opportunities from your industry
  • Practical information for entrepreneurs in one place
  • Discounts for KB clients KB
Digitální dílna
Online marketing agency. Start your online business
  • Web, logo, online marketing, social media
  • Specially-priced packages of online services for KB clients with a Visa card
Do business online
Offer your services online and attract new customers
  • Sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Three special offers for KB clients
Business is retro without online invoicing
  • Easy online invoicing
  • Reports of costs and practical statistics


Firma pro vás

Do not waste time and form your company online
  • We will handle everything for you
  • Your company will be up and running in a few days
KB eTrading
KB eTrading is our internet based Foreign Exchange and Money Market deposits dealing platform
  • Get better exchange rates compared to the basic exchange list
  • Live/online prices are available 24 hours a day (each business day)
New opportunities in machinery industry
  • Search of business partners
  • Sharing free production capacities


Online accounting for your business
  • Team of experienced accountants and tax advisors
  • Online portal and mobile app save time and money


Digital platform for more secure trading
  • Online creation of business contracts
  • Transparent and safe environment
  • Reducing the risk of non-payment


Find out the value of your business quickly and for free
You only need half an hour, a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement


Supplementary pension savings

Vital programme

Partners programme