Keep track of your invoices
in your online banking

Get Fakturoid for up to 2 months free of charge each year

Easy online invoicing

Matching of payments and reminders to non-payers

Cost records and practical statistics

Verified API for integrations


  • Create invoices and email them to your customers in under a minute

  • Issue invoices anywhere using your computer or mobile phone

  • Fakturoid remembers your existing customers – simply select them from a list if you need to issue another invoice

  • Invoices feature QR codes for quick and easy payments

  • Keep track of your invoices at all times – see which invoices have been paid, are about to be paid or are past due

  • In order to streamline your accounting processes, you can provide your accountant with access to your Fakturoid

  • Fakturoid will roughly calculate your social and health insurance payments and you can use it to create your tax return



Get the service online – directly in the MojeBanka application.


Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.




Small and medium-sized businesses
including start-ups


Anyone who needs to issue invoices without any hold-ups

How Fakturoid works

  1. Manage all invoices directly in your MojeBanka online banking.
  2. See which invoices have been paid or are about to be paid and which are past due.
  3. If you need to issue an invoice for a new customer, simply enter such customer’s ID number (IČO) - Fakturoid will upload the necessary information. You will only need to enter an email to which the invoice is to be sent.
  4. Issue your invoices with just a few clicks. Enter the name of your customer as well as the invoiced transaction and amount. You can define invoice payment deadline, currency, etc.
  5. If you entered your customer’s email, Fakturoid will automatically deliver the invoice.
  6. Your customers may download invoices in PDF or make direct payments using QR codes.
  7. If you need any assistance, reach out to our elaborate online Support.


  • Fakturoid is a simple online solution that will help you get your invoices organized
  • Quick and easy access to invoices directly from MojeBanka and MojeBanka Business online banking
  • It will save your time - create an invoice in under a minute
  • Get insight into your business with summary statistics
  • Costs under control - record costs and share them with your accountant
  • Intended for businesses and sole traders


The Fakturoid app is operated by Fakturoid, s.r.o.

  • Free version will allow you to issue invoices for up to 5 business partners.
  • Clients of Komerční banka can get 2 months free of charge each year in case of paid versions (in case of annual payment and active connection of their Fakturoid account with MojeBanka / MojeBanka Business online banking). 

Choose a tariff that suits you

When you activate a paid version of Fakturoid via KB, you will get two months free of charge each year. You will receive a refund within 14 days of payment. You can change your tariff at any time, without any obligations.


Free plus the following:

Basic plus the following:

Invoices for up to 5 business partners

Unlimited number of contacts

Several number series

Register invoices and costs

Payment matching

Payment matching for several accounts

Elaborate statistics

Access for an accountant

Regular invoicing

Automatic reminders

Export to accounting programmes



Personal income tax returns and calculation of contributions

VAT electronic filings

For VAT payers and non-payers

Different invoice layouts

Personalised colour design

Own logo on invoices

Pricelist, Labels, Acknowledgements

GoPay/PayPal payment gateways

5 costs in a Box

30 costs in a Box

150 costs in a Box

3,000 API requests

3,000 API requests

20,000 API requests
Free of charge CZK 173.55 a month excl. VAT
CZK 1,909.05  annually excl. VAT (i.e. CZK 159.09 a month)
CZK 347.11 a month excl. VAT
CZK 3 818.21 annually excl. VAT (i.e. CZK 318.18 a month)
  CZK 159.09 a month per each additional user CZK 159.09 a month per each additional user


You can conveniently activate Fakturoid in your internet banking by clicking the shopping card icon and selecting Other.

You must have an active Profi Account (with an initial deposit made).