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(Non-)public offer

  • Investment certificates
    Several times a year, we offer investment certificates (barrier and guaranteed) with very attractive underlying assets. Each certificate is characterised by a unique mechanism and careful selection of underlying assets.
  • Corporate bonds
    Our clients have an opportunity to subscribe very popular corporate bonds, such as Sazka, Energy and industrial holding, Česká zbrojovka.

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Qualified Investor Funds

  • KB Private Equity
    We provide our clients with an exclusive opportunity to invest in Private Equity of world-renowned managers, allowing them to indirectly become co-owners of lucrative companies that normal investors have no access to.

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  • Real Estate Funds KB
    These are funds specialising in investments in commercial properties. Start investing with CZK 1 million and indirectly become a co-owner of very lucrative commercial real estate in sought-after locations, both in the Czech Republic and other European countries.

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  • Accolade
    Invest with the Accolade fund in modern, environmentally friendly industrial real estate and, together with more than three thousand other investors, participate in the sustainable future of European business. Investment from CZK 2 million.

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Asset Management

  • BRICK Asset Management with KB Private Banking

    Exclusive portfolios tailor-made for larger volume of funds. BRICK funds have a minimum of investment restrictions. You can benefit from a truly active management of professional portfolio managers.

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  • KB Private Asset management

    Take advantage of local and international opportunities. Invest in funds that combine Czech bonds with top companies from both domestic and international markets. Lower investments are also available. 

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Other investment options

Novinky ze světa investic

REF 4 – Investments in real estate not to be found elsewhere

This qualified investor fund mainly specialises in investments in various properties, such as residential housing, retirement homes, student dorms, healthcare facilities, and hotels. Net annual income is envisaged at 7 to 9% p.a., with investment horizon of 10+ years.



PEF 5 – The crème de la crème of Private Equity in a single fund

This qualified investor fund primarily invests in investment funds managed by top asset managers (Carlyle, Rothschild, Genesis Capital, EQT, and others) that in turn invest in Private Equity (i.e. companies that are not publicly traded). The fund offers high returns – with target yields of 7 to 9% p.a. (after all fees) and investment horizon of 10+ years.


The fund was established in 2014 and is intended for qualified investors. They have the opportunity to participate in the development of modern sustainable industry in Europe.
It currently brings together over 3,000 investors, manages assets worth EUR 1,493,480,000. The fund owns 29 industrial parks in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Slovakia, with a total production and storage area of 1,570,650 m2.

Economic outlooks brought by Jan Vejmělek

Go over commentaries of Jan Vejmělek relating to the state of the Czech economy, inflation, investment returns, and other topics.

Czech bonds funds are at the top of their game again

And they are finding their way back to the list of essentials of Czech investors.

Investment outlook in cooperation with KB Private Banking

We have prepared a video for you in which we answer the most pressing questions relating to the current economic situation, including the following: Where will interest rates of key central banks stabilise? Should we be getting ready for global recession in the light of the war in Ukraine, inflation, and tightening monetary policies? How will the Czech economy be affected by double-digit inflation and high interest rates?


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