Promote the growth
of your business

Receive funding within 24 hours

Assessment based on online store data

Interest rate of 0.99% per month​

Data security first and foremost

Quick, simple, and completely online​


Promote the growth of your online store
and get a competitive advantage and more satisfied customers

1. Connect your online store

Online assessment of your online store data

2. Select
an amount

Select an amount, loan term, and upload a few documents

3. Contract

Sign your contract online and receive funding


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Frequently asked questions

Lemonero allows online stores to grow and make their dreams come true - whether they need funds to purchase inventory, expand or finance marketing activities.

By analysing data from various sources in real time, it can very precisely predict future development trends. Based on proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, it will prepare an online offer for you that may help you really take off.

Lemonero is a very intuitive online platform. All loan-related processes take place online. It only takes a few minutes to enter the necessary information about your financing needs and you can expect the funds in your account within 24 hours.

Komerční banka owns a share in Lemonero – this is why we offer the company’s services on our website.

The whole process takes place online – from start to finish:

1. Confirm all the necessary details.

2. Upload a scan of your ID card.

3. Upload your account statement.

4. Enter the account number to which you want the relevant funds transferred.

5. Lemonero checks that everything is in order. It will then prepare a contract for you to sign using DocuSign.

Lemonero will require access to the following data:

  • Sales data for the previous year
  • Information about orders
  • Sales volumes

Lemonero will assess data from your online store and other sources in real time. Based on the data, it can very precisely predict future development trends. Using proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, it will prepare a bespoke offer online.

The contract is concluded once signed by both parties – i.e. your online store and Lemonero. The contract is then uploaded to the Lemonero application.

Lemonero offers loans from CZK 30,000 to CZK 1,000,000. If you need more, you may be required to submit additional background documents. Contact Lemonero to find the best available solution.

You can choose a loan term of 3, 6 or 12 months.


Smart financing of online stores by Lemonero is not secured in any way.