When you need
new machinery and technology
for your company

CZK 350,000

Lease available in CZK and EUR

For investments starting at CZK 350,000 excl. VAT

Simplified approval process for amounts up to CZK 3,000,000

Make regular and irregular lease payments


  • Select fixed or variable interest rate

  • Optional insurance coverage under special terms

  • Simpler and quicker approval process if you are our client

  • No excessive requirements for own funds

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  • Apply for a lease in CZK or EUR
  • Leases available for investments starting at CZK 350,000
  • Financed amount always without VAT (VAT is borne and paid by SGEF) – less strain on cash flow compared to a loan
  • Lease financing structure usually requires lower security compared to a loan, because the ownership of leased assets by a leasing company throughout the lease agreement term represents the primary security
  • We offer insurance coverage – usually under better terms compared to those available during individual negotiations – suitable for individual types of leased assets
  • With ownership of the given asset, you can use various grants (European, state or regional grants) that require such ownership
  • Loan is usually secured by the financed asset only
  • Select fixed or variable interest rate
  • ·Payment schedules may be flexible – with regular or irregular payments
  • You own the financed assets, register them in your accounting books and use tax depreciation
  • Minimum loan term is not defined by law – it is negotiated based on individual needs
  • Lease payments covered from revenue of the given investment, with payment structure adapted to your individual cash flows - unlike standard purchase, where the purchase price is paid in advance
  • Lease term from 36 months (lease term depends on parameters defined by the Act on Income Taxes)
  • Finance assets in selected categories (new assets/used assets under specific conditions)
  • Maintain liquidity – a leasing company purchases the given assets; you can then use such assets in exchange for lease payments. Consequently, lease financing does not affect your own funds.
  • Leases are neutral in terms of your balance sheet - lease payments do not represent debt, but are directly charged as expenses. Lease payments are then evenly distributed over the lease term (with accruals/deferrals) and only affect your profit and loss statement (lease financing does not affect your balance sheet and does not increase the level of your debt).
  • Recommended period of your economic activity of no less than 18 months
  • In order to determine the overall lease term, it is also necessary to consider (in addition to your needs) the period and form of use of leased assets
  • Profi products only allow annuity payments
  • Price reflects the current pricing strategy of SGEF