Exchange rates


The service allows you to obtain information about the current and historical KB exchange rate list

Available features

A simple API for getting information about the current and historical KB exchange rate list

  • You will have an overview of current and historical exchange rates
  • We will enable your application to track development of exchange rate changes in KB
  • Historical courses up to 36 months retroactively
  • Everyone can use the service without any restrictions

Overview of versions


Komerční banka has now proceeded to the final replacement of the original and deprecated API version of the EXCHANGE RATES KB (, which has so far been referred to on our website as the BETA version. The mentioned BETA version and its manual are definitely no longer supported.
If you want to continue to consume the EXCHANGE RATES KB as an API service, please log in to our developer portal for the new version of the EXCHANGE RATES KB version 1.

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Available data

For current detailed overview of all functional APIs, see the Overview of Services

Current exchange list

Exchange rate information from the given day or from the last issued exchange rate on that day

Historical exchange rates

Exchange rate information from a specified day, up to 3 years retroactively

Courses for selected currencies

Information for a particular currency from the current day or from a particular day in the past

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