Komerční banka opens a modernised branch in the Spálená street in Prague

Prague, 24 September 2015 – Komerční banka’s modernised branch features a high speed and quality of service, comfortable milieu, and modern technologies. The purpose of this renovation is to boost Komerční banka’s position in customer service quality. This year, 45 KB branches will be modernised. KB has tested the new branch model at the Anděl branch for more than a year.

24. 9. 2015 8:00

Faster and better service, pleasant milieu, barrier-free contact with clients, and modern technologies – these are the basic features of Komerční banka’s modernised branch in the Spálená Street in Praha 1. The bank has tested its brand new design of a client-friendly branch at the Anděl branch in Praha 5 for more than a year. This year will see 45 branches so transformed (for example, in Hradec Králové, Plzeň and Příbram), while another approximately 40 of the total of 398 branches of Komerční banka will be remodelled in 2016.

„In the light of clients’ extremely positive feedback on our pilot project at the Anděl branch we have decided to redesign the bank’s larger branches and to reflect some of the changes in smaller branches as well. According to our survey, clients mainly appreciate the speed of service, friendly environment, and modern design in our new branch model. We have created an environment where not only our clients but also our employees feel good.”

Vladimír Jeřábek, on the Board of Directors of Komerční banka

The purpose of branch renovation is to boost Komerční banka’s leadership in customer service quality and improve clients’ satisfaction with the bank’s services. Clients can approach the fast service staff with requirements for simpler services  (such as payment orders, changes of contact addresses or ways of picking up new payment cards), which significantly  accelerates the speed of attendance to clients. The new layout of the branch provides  much greater privacy in dealing with relationship managers.  Major changes also include the deployment of new technologies (self-service kiosks and tablets), using which clients will be able to execute certain banking operations themselves or easily and interactively retrieve information about products and services on their own, needing no assistance from relationship managers.

„Over the past ten years, the role of bank branches has changed profoundly. Earlier, clients’ main requirements included cash operations and transfers, while it is advice today – professional and comprehensive advice on all financial aspects of life. Our clients’ needs are changing and we are changing with them. Our objective is that the bank’s clients and employees feel good in our modern branch and clients are provided with quick and professional services and like to come back to us.”

Petra Černohorská, manager of Komerční banka’s branch in the Spálená Street in Praha 1